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In the field of reality shows, returns to 60 days in prison: Atlanta, with a new setting, and made their debut Project Runway: entrepreneurs and Family of Iron. And for fans of Torrent, today there is a marathon of the police created by Santiago Segura.

Becomes Olivia Pope… it always comes back. At least it is confirmed one more season, which he says could be the last. But now let’s focus on the sixth, which in the united States is already finished but in Latin America begins next Tuesday (Sony, 22 hours).

As a season full of surprises it advertises this batch of sixteen episodes that begins with the electoral results of the presidential race. The contest is between Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) and Francisco Vargas (Ricardo Chavira), and the result will be explosive.

What scandal? One of many that identify this series starring Kerry Washington in the role of «problem-solver» Olivia Pope. In addition to take the chestnuts out of the fire to several politicians, businessmen and important people, the specialist also has a complicated sentimental life in which his heart is divided between two men. One is nothing less than the president of the united States, Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwin), and the other a man trained for the most difficult missions, Jake Ballard (Scott Folley).

Olivia and Associates kept by the computer are Huck (Guillermo Díaz), Quinn (Katie Lowes) and Marcus (Cornelius Smith, Jr.). They solve all kinds of cases no matter how.

Marathon Torrent

«Hands up, this is a police officer. One biased and unbiased; repulsive and hilarious; and dangerous and amazing». So announces I. Sat the marathon of four movies of the Torrent, the character created by Santiago Segura, who will be on display from the 22 hours of today, Saturday. You will see: The arm fool of the law (1998), Mission in Marbella (2001), The Protector (2005) and Lethal Crisis (2011).

«Four missions out of control, irritating, sexist, corrupt and bizarre of the most important character of the comedy film English. Not suitable for people of good and lovers of the personal hygiene», closes the promo of I. Sat.

New stories

Several series and reality shows premiered seasons these days, and other are presented for the first time. The thing begins on Monday with the series police criminal Minds: Without borders, that opens its second season (AXN, 22 hours).

On Tuesday, meanwhile, premieres Project Runway: The entrepreneurs (Lifetime midnight), a derivative of the reality of fashion that leads to Heidi Klum. Project Runway: Fashion Startup -its original title in English – is a new program that provides new fashion entrepreneurs the opportunity to obtain funds for your business. Throughout the season, will count with the presence of a variety of designers of worldwide fame. In the first episode, Welcome entrepreneurs, an entrepreneur, surprised investors with a new t-shirt. In addition, a young entrepreneur needs to modernise a line of accessories endorsed by celebrities.

Also on Tuesday, 60 days in prison: Atlanta (A&E, 23 hours) opens its third season with chapter double. The scenario has been completely renovated, it is the Prison of Fulton County, which houses about 2,500 prisoners from an urban environment full of gangs. With they should live the innocent participants of this reality.

Another premiere is a Family of Iron (History, Wednesday, 22 hours), who follows Kent and Shannon Knapp and her six children (22, 21, 18, 17, 3 and 1 year). From the vaults of the banks to the frames of bicycles, there is nothing that this family can not forge, they are the best in Milwaukee.

Finally, the Friday start of the new season of the series police Longmire (A&E, 23 hours). In the chapter The fog does not go away, Cady presents a job offer to his father, the sheriff, Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor), who, with the help of Vic tries to reconstruct what happened in the cabin while still searching for Donna. In addition, Mathias has a treatment what to suggest to Henry.


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