Four lessons seen at Mozcon 2017 – Daily Management

Mozcon is probably the most important event related to search engine optimization (SEO), as well as strategies of optimizing conversion rates (CRO), the panorama mobile apps, content marketing, social strategy, analytics, among others.

Every year during three days in Seattle –birthplace of Microsoft, Amazon, Expedia, among others–, we present speakers who share experiences and trends. For those who want to delve deeper into the content shared, all the presentations are available here.


In this post I share four learning acquired in the event that I believe to be relevant to consider:

1. Works with Google, not against Google.

The products of Alphabet (Google, Youtube) represent 91% of searches overall, and despite the fact that new actors have grown up (Amazon, through Alexa, and Facebook), they are still dramatically lower in percentage.

Four lessons seen at Mozcon 2017 - Daily Management 1The complexity and evolution of Google algorithms and their artificial intelligence will surpass any attempt to find short cuts or tricks to win a position in the results not be relevant to the people.

An anecdote: Will Reynolds shared the case of the translation of an extract from a short story by Hemingway, “The Snows of Kilimanjaro”, from English to japanese and back to English. In just 24 hours, the difference of the first translation with the second was substantial, then the artificial intelligence of Google Translate to learn by itself (read the full case).

The learning, therefore, is to assess the technical optimization of Web pages according to the good practices of Google, but above all generate content that is relevant and attractive to users (and to other pages that link to yours).

Now, how do you create relevant content for people, in addition to generate business results? Following learning.

2. SEO that generates business results

Four lessons seen at Mozcon 2017 - Daily Management 2

People are more than keywords, and Google knows this, therefore the identification and use of the right keyword is not enough. Is beginning to understand what we feel when we find a content, which is usually the resolution of a particular problem. The concept job to be done is increasingly current, where the content that you generate should help meet the goal of the user, which will result in a result of business if it leads the right way.

For this, the knowledge of the consumer, and the use of tools and techniques of research, is a priority. Will Reynolds offers many tools and tactics to achieve it in your presentation.

Another key point is the ability to generate the attention of other websites, in such a way that increase the relevancy of your site, once you link to (link building). Lisa Myers shared her experience and strategies in this presentation.

If the key to SEO and achieving results is the creation of relevant content for the users, how do I effectively and efficiently?

3. Content creation

Four lessons seen at Mozcon 2017 - Daily Management 3

As mentioned, the tools of research and analysis are essential, as well as creativity. Lisa Myers shared the success that was meant to create an article with the films with the highest number of deaths (led by Guardians of the Galaxy) as well as the league of the billionaires, making data-driven content. All of this was links from major news portals and, therefore, a scope and relevance acquired that generate value for the digital asset of the company.

As much as the heart of the content is the format. Phil Nottingham did a very thorough analysis of the use of social platforms for video goals of a brand and/or organization. It shares the philosophy of “Platform First”, which seeks to define and decide the type of content first by considering the characteristics of the platforms.

Also, the budget for the audiovisual production should be proportional to the size of the audience, avoiding to think that it takes a lot of money to start. This applies to all types of industries: “there are no industries or niches boring, there are companies boring”.

4. Integration of channels

Four lessons seen at Mozcon 2017 - Daily Management 4

No channel should be taken as a standalone unit, or much less to plan the strategies and tactics of how independent or exclusive. E-mail marketing, one of the most effective channels, should not be relegated to a second plane. Justin Jordan shared the hierarchies of needs of a subscriber: be respectful with submissions, that are functional, valuable and remarkable.

The analysis of UX, on the other hand, provides findings about the value of the experience that can generate the content you have created, from the time that it took for the navigation between the contents to the identification of errors that causes the increase of the bounce rate and, therefore, a signal to Google that the content has not been relevant to the people. Matthew Edgar shared three recommendations techniques to take advantage of the techniques of UX that contribute to the positioning of the page.

The standard digital should not be replaced by the SEO or vice versa, but they must be handled in a joint strategy. Kane Jamison shared eight tácnicas standard digital that generate concrete results, among them, power organically the pieces paid that were successful, to reach specifically to influencers and journalists, to integrate the lists of e-mails, use retargeting from specific conditions, among others.

Finally, Mozcon also served to have a look to the future: the positioning based on the cloud and not on the URL’s, as there are new ways of connecting to the Internet that do not involve a Web address (search by voice, the internet of things), the use of micro-responses on the part of Google that intercept the click to other pages, among many other novelties. The great learning is that the digital sector never stops changing, and surprising.

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