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Says the popular proverb that «be careful don’t go to give cat for hare» and although its medieval origin is far from its application today, the reality is that your application is still valid.

Already had to be very careful with the issue of counterfeiting in what we may call the real life. At the global level, trade in products of this type, according to the latest data from the OECD assume an average of 338.000 million euros covering all sectors of the trade: machinery, consumption and, above all, the clothing —especially if it is luxury. What the source? Mainly China as one of the largest exporters of this type of products with destination to the rest of the world.

If the biggest problem of BlaBlaCar is the migration of potential users to WhatsApp, in the case of Wallapop is the scams that take your prestige. The data of how many scams occur through platforms such as Wallapop, eBay and substitutes is not clear, nor is it public. But there are several controversies that have peppered of such technology. The last of them has come from the hand of a stop in Marbella for the illicit sale of technology. Do the above? To a few DJs that were left behind thousands of euros.

Is not gold all that glitters

Less than 18% of the people who buy products that appear to be real, know how to identify that they are fakes. And is that true that the market for copies has reached levels that even those who say they are experts in the field could be in serious trouble at the time to identify them. Technology is much more simple; once you have the product in hand is clear. In fashion not so much. Identifying a handbag, or whatever, fake are to take into account hundreds of variables that not everyone knows how to interpret: first of all is the price (a bag big brand will never fall to a minimum), the logo, the material used –even today the counterfeiting of skin look more realistic–, the smell, the stitching… Everything counts.

If the purchase is made with knowledge of the case, morally it’s not right, but you know what you are going to say. The problem comes when it is sold as real and, alerting them that this product is not what it seems, this is still for sale. It is the case of a user of Wallapop that, for confidentiality reasons do not want to disclose his identity.

When you give cat by hare in Wallapop - Hypertext 1

Regardless of the valuation of the Reissue (re-release) of the bag, which was probably supposed to be certain, here is the role of Wallapop. According to them, with more than 100 million products uploaded to the platform can not control everything, that there occurs despite the fact that its rules cited specifically the prohibition of the sale of counterfeits. Have automated detection systems that identify users that allegedly are prone to fraud or illegal activity. If users report it, as is the case with our fashion expert, it proceeds to the manual review. The deletion of your account, and according to Wallapop, only it could be that she herself did not comply with the rules of the house; the revenge does not exist in Wallapop.

The question, in this case it is the who reviews? With so many millions of products, of infinite variety, knowing everything is practically impossible. Pulling back on the wise sayings of the people: the much covers, little squeezes.

When you give cat by hare in Wallapop - Hypertext 2

And of the counterfeit to the thymus

In this case, Wallapop, or has invented anything, and neither is to blame. Or at least so they pray to their conditions of use, which has logic because the Spanish startup operates as a means of intermediary and, except that the recourse to use of its payment platform Wallapay, they have no control over any point in the process. And, even so, there would not be refund in case of scam because they continue to not take responsibility. The gateway simply has the aim of improving the transactions or the friction with the money, in addition to achieving the desired monetization of the company, but not control what goes on with the exchanges. It would be getting into too many legal problems and tax.

If a user contacts with another in order to formalize a purchase and both are in conformity with the procedure, the technology already has very little to do unless it is incurred in a crime. In such a case, are obliged to provide collaboration, to the extent possible, if there is a complaint. In any case, it is very popular in social networks the succession of the stories, which tells of how this or that person has suffered a scam with Wallapop.

Phone numbers that are not real, users with the profiles of suspects and unrealistic pricing or shipping destinations that sound like a joke. And yet, despite that report failure of the application to serve, continue to occur one after the other. It is the case of Álvaro Bishop who, according to account in the Community of Hypertext was one of the common scams in this type of platforms: pay and not receive anything in return. Once the payment is made, the seller having using a profile and data that is false, disappeared without a trace. The typical and hackneyed system that Wallapop warns always that you can spend and what I recommend to do the exchange face-to-face, that is why Wallapop was born with a local vocation, in order to confirm the product before you pay.

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