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In the same way that it imposed the idea that every organization should have a presence on the internet, the time came when the volume of available sites forced the experts to work for businesses and the public to achieve be found.

Today, innovative companies such as specializing in this new discipline, also known as SEO, which seeks to understand how to behave in the search engines and, thereby, to help to the websites of their clients appear among the top results of the search by using specific key words. Or, seen from the user’s perspective, how to offer the most relevant results from each search.

The web positioning is a complex area of study, not only because of the dizzying amount of information that is published in the network every second, but because the own search engines make constant changes to the algorithms that are in charge of choosing the pages of most relevance.

Many companies choose to pay Google so that your website appear in the top positions in the form of advertisement. Although this method can be useful for certain communication needs, such as campaigns temporary, the option of working in the website positioning to be included in the so-called organic results, ensuring a constant presence in the long term in the best positions.

The proprietary algorithm of the search engine is the one in charge of finding content based on three major selection criteria: authority, relevancy and load speed.

Authority criterion

From the seeker’s perspective, a website has greater authority if it takes a long time published in the network, if it meets the expectations of its visitors, and, above all, if you have higher amount of inbound links, especially from forums and social networks.

A good example of websites with high authority are those of the media, as are pages with years of permanence and that are constantly publishing relevant information that is linked from other websites and shared on social networks.

The criterion of relevance

The relevance is directly related to the words that the user included in the search.

In this way, regardless of the authority that have a page such as the New York Times, it never appears in the results of a search on “how to grow carrots”, because its content does not relate to the requirement of the user.

Criterion of speed

This is a real challenge for web designers.

The criterion of rapidity favors pages that load faster to improve the user experience that the visit, so that creators must be to produce sites fast but, at the same time, attractive visually to retain the attention of readers.

This criterion has been accentuated in recent years due to the massification of mobile devices. At present, the first screen of the average user is a phone or tablet, so you optimize your browsing experience passes by to ensure that you access with preference to pages lightweight and fast.

In summary, if the website of an organization offers quality information for a long time, load quickly and offers content relevant to certain searches you will surely have a good place in the organic results of search engines.


Beyond the general criteria, the algorithms responsible for the selection suffer changes constantly, around a thousand each year.

That is why also in the world of seo there is talk of trends that come and go according to the time and the happenings in this sector. One of the strongest is the town.

The SEO local cobra force for a variety of reasons related to technological aspects, such as the massification of devices with GPS and domains with local extensions, but especially for the possibility of inclusion in the organic results and, in addition, in the “packs” of map.

For the website of a small restaurant, for example, is fundamental to the practice of SEO local, because its online visitors with all safety are in the area and are interested in attending in person. The possibility that Google will offer the user a map with the exact location of the establishment multiplies exponentially the commercial success.

Another strong trend associated with the criterion of authority is known as Link Bait, or “Bait links”. Is to offer attractive content, such as ebooks, viral videos, curiosity or any other bait that will motivate visitors to link to the page from their own sites and social networks.

The world of seo is still in constant movement and development and is essential not to lose the track in order to achieve to stay on the crest of the wave, or, what is the same, in the top of search results.


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