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During his visit to the Cannes film Festival in 2015, to present his short film, Paraguay 76, the regiomontanos Juan Carlos Salas and Martha Lilia López were witnesses of a real life story that intrigued.

So I decided to document it for a new short film, which has just been recognized in the Awards Latino, as Best Short film Social.

One entry please (To ticket s’il vous plaît), shows the story of Federica, a teenage latina who travels for the first time at Cannes and, during his journey, he meets Jean Pierre.

Although they speak different languages, they both have the same dream: to enter the closing gala of the festival.

The problem is that there is only a ticket, who can come and get your long-desired dream? There starts the drama.

“When Federica arrives, he realizes that it is not the only one who wants to enter the festival, and not only Jean-Pierre had a lot of people that he was fighting for an entry,” explains Juan Carlos in an interview with Publimetro.

“In a peculiar way, people who want a ticket to Cannes, make a poster, wear a gala and put in the door for an entry”.

“This is where Federica go to Jean Pierre, who is an older adult, and fluctuates quite a bit. It is about him and not know why, but he does promise to get you a ticket”.

“Federica followed your instinct, your heart and, from there, starts the plot, because there really is no tickets for the closing gala”.

“This is the short film, to know if you got this entry or not, and who finally came to the event”, he added.

In search of support for short film regio

The Awards Latino will be delivered on the 13th of may in Spain, so the filmmakers Juan Carlos Salas and Martha Lilia Lopez revealed that they are in the search of support to be able to travel and receive such recognition.

“So, we want to extend the invitation to all socially responsible companies”.

“It would be very nice to join efforts and together to go to receive this award, which is an international projection, where they can participate companies that want to join,” said Lopez.

The date

May 13 is the date in which Prizes Latin, in the Palacio de Congresos of Marbella, in Spain.

The phrase

“The short film highlights the values of generosity and empathy. How to give up everything for a person, even without knowing it”.
Martha Lilia Lopez, producer.

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