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One of the pleasures for dog owners is to see their pet rolling in the sand or how they run towards the water.

In Spain and Portugal that support pets this summer. In some cases, have times restricted for entry with dogs; in others, still needs approval by the autonomous regional government.

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The Valencian Community and Catalonia are the two regions Spanish with the largest number of beaches that allowed dogs. In this way, the mediterranean coast is one of the best options to carry your pet and pegaros a bath or tumbaros the sun.

In this area, are the beaches like the cala, The Xarco, in Alicante, the playa L Ahuir, in Gandia or the of Belcaire in Castellón.

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In Catalonia, the community was a pioneer in opening this type of areas for dogs; in fact, the first was the beach of Rubina, in Girona.

In Barcelona, you can visit the Calla Vallcarca, one of the most popular, or the beach of The Picardò, in Arenys de Mar, ability to recently.

Finally, in Tarragona, you can also enjoy various places to have fun with your pets. We highlight Bon Caponet, the Beach, the Platjola, or the Beach, The Raft of the Sand.

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Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia, are also among the communities that they leave the step with have any pets on certain beaches.

In addition, in comparison with the previous year, have increased the options for travellers that prefer colder waters.

In Cantabria, there are enabled six beaches for its inhabitants and tourists can enjoy the company of their friends perrunos. This way, you will be able to find the Beach The Mace in San Vicente de la Barquera, or the Beach, The Riberuca.

We also highlight the Spring Oriñón, the Arenal of Jortín, or the Ascisero, where dogs can walk freely and without a leash by its sands throughout the year.

In Asturias there are already three beaches in which you are permitted access to with your pet: the Beach of Rinconín, in Gijón, la Cala Saliencia, in Cudilleros, and Playon de Bayas.

Finally, in Galicia there are about seven beaches. In La Coruña, you will be able to stroll along the Beach of Arenal through a small stretch ready for the visit of the pet or the Beach of Stakes in Ares, which enabled an area of great urban beach to allow the access of the canes.

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In Pontevedra, this summer you will be able to find the Beach Or Espiño, the Beach of Lost or Cunchiña.


To go abroad with our pet, nothing better than going to one of the beaches of Portugal. This year, one of the enabled is to Peniche, an hour and a half of Lisbon.

However, travel to the neighboring country implies having in mind that the animals must have your European Passport for Pets with all the vaccinations up to date. Also, remember that dogs should have the rabies vaccine, mandatory for the entire European Union.


This summer, Andalusia has a total of 10 beaches that are authorized to go with dogs, from Huelva to Almería, where is situated the Beach of the Frog.

In Malaga you will find the Beach of Arroyo Totalán, even though its waters unfortunately are not suitable for swimming, and the Beach of the Castle, in which we only allow dogs in the part belonging to Fuengirola. In addition, there are other two in Marbella that are pending approval by the Board of Andalusia.


For this year, the Region of Murcia already has four beaches available to visit with dogs.Highlights Mazarrón, with three beaches: the Beach of las Moreras Beach Gachero and the Beach Cobaticas, a beach of difficult access but well worth a visit for its incredible natural beauty. In addition, this year has been added to the beach from the Glen of The Black Eagles.


In the Balearic Islands, you will find numerous beaches and coves where you can enter free in the company of your dog so you can enjoy the most of the wonderful beaches that are spread all over the territory of the balearic islands.

In Mallorca are located a total of 5 beaches. The Beach of Llenaire, which is enabled only a section of it, the Beach of Na Patana, the Beach of Es Carnatge, a rocky area with little coves where your dog can swim and run freely, and the Cala Gamba and Cala Blanca, where the dogs can enter at any time of the year.


In the Canary islands, there are six beaches, most of them without restrictions of timetables or times of the year. beaches, most of them without restrictions of timetables or times of the year. The only one that has limits is the beach of las Coloradas, Lanzarote. Can only be accessed with dog 07:00 to 10:00 hours and from 19:00 to 21:00 hours.

Are also available the beaches of Bocabarranco, Cuervitos/Three Peos, El Confital, El Cabezo, and The Guirres. (I)


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