Contest SEO with more than 56,000 VEF prize –

Is already here, already here. It is the best competition SEO of the year for all those experts in website positioning to demonstrate their skills and techniques and reach the glory thanks to is: an award of more than 56,000 VEF.

The famous blogger Dean Romero has done it again. This time, your new contest website positioning is known by all as the new contest raiola is in charge and not the panda. And is that it is position on Google precisely that set of words for which there was no previous result on Google Spain: Raiola is in charge and not the Panda.

Positioned Raiola is in charge and not the Panda and win more than 56,000 VEF

There are already many fans and experts who have joined the challenge of positioning these words in the Top 1, through a domain of your own and keep it so until the close of the contest the next day, June 25. Now there is little time left, but there are still adventurers that want to win a monetary prize as succulent as the one who offers this contest SEO and are being added as participants to the last minute.

For all those lovers of the SEO that you have decided not to participate in this contest, it is a very good opportunity to “eavesdrop” and analyse the techniques of website positioning that you are using all the participants. For example, some are making videos on Youtube and linking to your main domain with the involved, others opt for the linkbuilding and are making links controlled from web sites with a lot of authority, such as newspapers and universities, and others are committed to the content and update daily or by the manipulation of the CTR through tools like SEOBOX.

There are many strategies that can be used to win a contest SEO as this and thanks to Dean Romero, it is possible to learn SEO by searching in is the words “Raiola is in charge and not the Panda”. So, from the ranking of Google Spain, you can access to all domain participants and then analysed through the tools of web positioning as Ahrefs, Semrush, Sixtrix, and other.

In the previous competition organized by this same blogger, well known in Spain and Latin america thanks to your website there was much expectation ahead of the fight positions that emerged between the domains and but finally, the first won the Top 1 in mobile, and the second desktop, as well as the rules dictated a resolution to this case, we divided the prize between the two, but it was made official winner David Ayala, which today hosts this new competition, along with the Dean Romero.

Be that as it may, participate in one of these contests SEO is the best way to learn how to position a web page. In the case of the new domains, it is difficult to reach the Top 1 for the simple fact that Google keeps an eye on these domains very closely for weeks and not allowed to get up to Top 1 easily. For this reason, many SEO experts buy a domain, get the content and when there are only a few days to the end of the competition, do a 301 redirect to another post of an old domain, and send all the force from the new to the old. This works always and when you have done SEO both domains, of course.

Be that as it may, there are many techniques whitehat and blackhat that can be used to win a contest seo of a month, and in a few days we will see who comes out the winner of this megaconcurso Raiola is in charge and not the Panda. Meanwhile, you can analyze the different strategies of participants or to try to reach the Top 1 with a post of last hour and a linkbuilding fast. To keep the contest close, they just have to type in the phrase star of the contest: Raiola is in charge and not the Panda.


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