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One of the questions most common of the publishers web sites is if they are indeed coming to the niche of users correct. Usually invests a lot of time and money in design, content production, digital marketing, social media and SEO, but what remains of all this work?

The first thing that you must keep in mind is that the effort of positioning must be continuous, having published a certain amount of content or to have completed certain actions in positioning does not guarantee the permanent success of a website, you must work each day in directing the site towards your niche target users.

The second recommendation is that you work in key with your designer, programmer or web administrator, since many of the actions that work in favor of a web site should be done in the settings of the page. But, if you do not have the deep knowledge of these topics, don’t worry it is not even necessary that the developer supports you all the way, many key issues have tutorials on the Internet and are free

What tools serve to measure if you’re pointing correctly to your niche of business users or content?

  • Analytics: it Is critical to know if you are in the niche right. The tools of Analytics allow you to know what contents are being most visited, with this you will know what is the entry of your page that is attracting more and more visitors, that is to say, which is better positioned.
    On this page you can also find out, for example how long are the visits, if it is shared, where it is getting traffic, and you can even set targets that will indicate with accuracy the success of such a page or set of pages.
    In terms of users, you can refine age, sex, interests, source of the visit, among others.
    By Analytics I don’t just mean Google, if you have your website in WordPress, this CMS also allows you to see the most-viewed pages, reference pages, and make sets of data by day, month or week.
    This is a first approach, let’s look at the other tools
  • Google Webmaster Tools
    Not only is an aid to technical issues; it is very important to know what search keywords are driving traffic to your web site.
    In addition, it lets you know the Click Through Rate (CTR) of each of the words, which are taking more visits, and the number of clicks and impressions of your page for that word.
    An example, if you have worked with in creating content on drones and aerial photography, these same words are the ones that more traffic should lead to your website and should appear among the first of the list of ( Search Traffic>Analytical Search.
    This gives you a very clear idea to know whether you are in the niche.
    On the other hand, Google Webmaster Tools allows you to do crawls of site speed, a key factor for the SEO, in addition to see graphs of behavior of the users in time. Configure it, it’s free and very useful
  • Check your Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA). On the internet there are several sites that do a sweep of your site to assess the SEO on your website and also shed the indices DA and PA. These are indicators created from different parameters that tell you how relevant is your site from the point of view of the domain, as well as from the content and structure of the page.
    Being relevant is everything when it comes to niches, because, even if your site does not have a high number of visitors, what is important is the quality of the user, his faithfulness and interest in the issues in which te especializas. It is better to have some hundreds of potential buyers thousands of onlookers who do not get to do any conversion.

LEE ALSO Children spend more time online, according to a study


In Releases.CO we have achieved that the positioning is done on words that are related to the communication and the content, for example:

  • Press releases
  • Communications from companies
  • News companies
  • Communication and content
  • Communication services
  • Publish press releases

In this way we are relevant to the niche of PR, communicators and journalists, allowing users to find valuable content or functions that they are useful to them in their work. We currently have the best positioning with these key words in Google search that allows you to link the supply with the demand for providing functions of publication with a news portal online of constant updating.

If you want to know more of our services please contact us via mail or phone.

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