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What is important is to engage our users and potential customers with valuable content and useful information that will help them to solve their problems and meet their needs

The objective is a common one for all: when we decided to share our ideas on the web through the creation of a blog, we wish only to awaken the next morning and get visits, comments, “likes”, which are the indicators that show us that our content has been liked.

While it is not something that falls from the sky or found as a gift in a box of cereal, yes it is completely achievable.

Of course, if you’re in Internet, you will appear in the search engines, but where? The idea (and the key to achieving it) is to position yourself among the top results, at least on the first page.

And that is, we need to be clear, when we look for something on the web, we’re always going to select the options that appear first. This is because, unconsciously (perhaps), we believe that those are the best or most reliable.

The Internet is jam-packed and, most likely, is that there is already someone who offered the same as you. Then, how to compete and achieve to be among the first 10 choices?

In any strategy of “Inbound Marketing, the intention always will be to attract our users and potential customers with content of value, with information that will help them to solve their problems, meet their needs. But there is no point creating content wonderful if no one knows it exists because it is not seen.

Today there are professionals in the SEO or Website Positioning that can determine, with accuracy, what you need to your brand to achieve the best positions. However, you can consider these options to get out of the darkness:

  • Know your audience: you Must have something in mind, the web reader does not have time, tend to live in a way fast, so you need solutions fast to your needs. To know, with accuracy, to whom you are addressing will be essential to begin to develop your positioning strategy web. Your “Buyer Persona will become your best weapon.
  • Select your keywords: once you know your audience, you’ll be able to determine what they are looking for and give them exactly what they need. Establishing your “keywords”, will come to you more quickly, while more specific, the search results will be smaller and you’ll have more opportunities to put you in the top positions.
  • Create great content: Develop content of value, digestible, easy to understand and share will be your best tactic. Every day, the Internet is more and more specialized, therefore, provide the content that you know your users need, to help you become a referring agent and, therefore, your web traffic will increase, posicionándote better in the search engines. Forget the duplicate content, if you get caught, you lose.
  • Develops titles eye-catching: From the title of the blog to each of your entries. According to HubSpot, 80% of people read your title, but only 20% will read your article in its entirety. For this reason, you should make sure to create titles creative to call the attention of your audience. Stay within 55 characters.
  • Optimize your meta description: Take this aspect as an advertisement. If it is eye-catching and interesting, it will make “click” on it. Do not exceed 155 characters, otherwise it will cut, ignoring information that can be decisive.
  • Give importance to your “URLs”: make Sure that they are short and to include your “keyword” in them. Customize it for yourself, don’t go for the automatic option.
  • Describe your images: In this way, the search results will be positioned also as an image, greatly increasing the odds that you will see.
  • Install “plugins”: There are different options that you can take into account to optimize the content that you have.
  • Shares in social networking: social networking platforms are great for sharing your content. Of course, it is important to determine what are the most appropriate for you. Use the right, you will increase your number of “shares”, reaching more and more people, getting to know your product or service. Keep you active in the social media, interacting with your audience, help you with your reputation and increase trust among your followers.
  • Beam “guestblogging”: Advertising the publication of your content on other blogs, through an exchange or not, you’ll be able to give to know between the users of your niche.
  • It uses a “responsive design”: a style of life like the one we have today, most people log in to the web through their mobile devices, looking for the speed of delivery of the information. Therefore, it is important that your content can be seen, in addition to interact with it correctly from anywhere.

As well as that your content can be very good but if you do not do the effort for you to see you’ll be a ghost forever, also the opposite may happen: you implement all the practices to achieve it, but you don’t offer good content.

Should be interesting to you, when you see it for the first time, want to return always.

Use tools like Google Analytics to know what posts have worked best and focus on providing content like that. In addition, there will always be forms of “non-natural” to achieve a web positioning. Google also offers AdWords, which will help you climb steps, so pay.

And, most importantly, be patient. Nothing comes of the night to the morning, but your effort will be worth it.


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