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Learn what you need to know if an online marketing campaign has been successful or not

The Content Marketing is one of the best resources to the Inbound Marketing makes it available for brands that want to gain visibility online. It turns out that the companies are not the only beneficiaries, since the consumer is online today you prefer to know about trademarks by its contents and not by their products.

This only means that business online should be to generate more effort to provide quality content, but they also must ensure that this give you the result that you expect. In this case we speak of ROI, the method that indicates if the campaign has been successful or not, since it measures the range of net proceeds that has had a company on the basis of their actions Marketing.

This all sounds very well, but what is it that you must do to ensure a positive ROI in content Marketing?

Before I explain some of the actions that must be taken into account to have a good ROI, it is important to note that to measure it you have to wait a prudent time frame to ensure that the Marketing Content has resulted in conversions as a business, you want to get to at least recover the investment.

Steps to create a content strategy flawlessly that improve the ROI

The only way to ensure an ROI – positive Content Marketing is that the plan is right and is well executed from the beginning. The idea is that the content is created on the basis of the needs and tastes of the target audience, so it is important to review the process of content creation. In this sense, it is advisable to ensure that three specific aspects:

Identify it correctly to the target audience

It is to know everything about the audience that has the potential to become clients. For that you have to take into account many things, but mainly it could help to review trends about the topics that relate to the business industry online, as well as learn how to monitor social platforms, andthese often give valuable data with respect to what he likes to the target audience.

Keyword research

A Keywords Research is another plus point to ensure a positive ROI on Marketing Content. This mechanism in addition to indicate how you can be looking for the audience a product, service, or content, is also related to the previous section; it shows you what you may be looking for the audience.

By knowing about what you are looking for the target audience you get a sea of ideas about what type of content to create at the same time that they are working on the SEO on-page of the web site, which as many should know, it is ideal to start competing in the search results.

Do A/B Testing

This test allows you to create different versions of pages to verify which is the one that is working, which means that you can know which of the versions is the one that is offering better or worse conversion rate.

The conversions are those that indicate whether Content Marketing is working and you can enjoy a positive ROI, or the opposite. So that is one of the aspects to be taken into account in order to view a return on the investment.

It is important that they learn to perform actions that complement the creation of the content. Remember that the content is not promoted may not lead to the results you as a business is expected. Then, on the way to use the content in order to experience a positive ROI, it is advisable to learn how to spread it, for that there is that include various channels for the promotion of the same, as for example:

  • Publications in Social Networks: A medium that bridges the gap between companies and consumers, but also is a channel short and preferred by the majority of consumers.
  • Newsletter: one of the more traditional techniques of Digital Marketing, but it continues to offer benefits, if and when it becomes a proper manner; taking into account from the design of email, up to the frequency of the same.
  • Infographics: a highly interactive format, and perfect for the type of audience that prefer to read content in a different way.
  • Blogspot: A format quite common and one of the most valuable resources for SEO but also to ensure a positive ROI, since it is updating the content frequently.
  • Webinars: the publications in vivo are important part in the trends of content consumption, this can be helpful for certain online businesses that devote part of their activities to educate the audience.
  • ‘Buyer’: the methodology in order to understand the audience with Inbound Marketing

All these media are a great support to generate traffic to the web site, in the same way that are a channel to drive conversions, which in the end means that you would be guaranteeing a positive ROI, as long when you learn how to act in a timely manner in each one.

Usually, the resources used are the publications in Social Networks, infographics and blogspots. For the rest I would have to consider whether the commercial activity to which it devotes the business online gives to conferences or webinars.

Not all companies online should go to all of the resources, you just have to learn how to exploit the virtues of each one of them according to the intentions of the company and the consumer behavior.


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