How does the Positioning within the Online Marketing? – Second Approach

What is the first model that comes to mind when you think of cars? How A Ferrari? What About A Toyota? Will surely be some self-a recognized brand name throughout the planet and that is hogging all the media. If so, let me tell you that you are part of the phenomenon known as» Positioning, a strategy of traditional marketing, which moved with tremendous success at the Digital Marketing for business.

But let’s go step-by-step. The first thing is to clarify the Positioning of traditional, in general terms, consists in stamping a mark in the consumer’s mind, so that your product is the first thing you consider when you want to buy something. An extreme example: if a guy goes to the bodega on the corner to buy a soda, take your brand instead of Coca Cola or Pepsi. Difficult task, but not impossible.

Alejandro Daniel Jose, director general of the agency consultant MKT Digital Marketing, located in Buenos Aires (Argentina), stressed that although in the Online Marketing , the goal is basically the same. “ SEO, as a strategy of social media marketing, comes after the birth of the search engines, especially Google, all the way back to the mid-90s. It was at that moment when people realized they could make a lot of money through their web pages, always and when you generate traffic, but how to achieve that? Therefore, it is precisely what the experts are achieved by means of the search engines”.

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The idea is to achieve the positioning of your company, product or brand on the web; it is visible, that it appears among the first results of a particular search engine so that more users can access it and, finally, to answer the big question: how to sell more. Key to this is:

How does the Positioning within the Online Marketing? - Second Approach 1Choose the keywords appropriate

An error very often when you are creating your web site is to do it by thinking exclusively in you. No! That’s not going to lead to anything, or at least not to generate a profit. You must use a language that lets you connect with your potential customer. That is why the choice of keywords is vital.

Clear that there are many digital tools that will make this work, but your intuition and your skills as an entrepreneur, should go a step forward.

For example: your small business of underwear you want to launch a new collection in Venezuela. How should you manage the website? What content you should create to drive that business?

The main thing is to identify the target audience and their needs. Considering the economic difficulties affecting our country at the present time, the content and the campaign in general should focus on the “low” price you will offer; so, when a potential client Google and type in “underwear” economic, surely you will be among the first options.

Of course, there is much more to be done to achieve this…

  • Fear not-use tools

SEO has evolved a lot since its emergence. This has led to the creation of innumerable and invaluable tools that both beginners and experts can and should use, so let’s go, the effort is well worth it.

The own giant Google offers Adwords and Google Trends. The first is a service that allows you to get accurate data based on the searches made by users on this platform; it puts at your disposal accurate figures of the amount of people looking for a particular keyword, geographical distribution and languages, and it even suggests ideas of other keywords that users are looking for and which are connected with yours.

Meanwhile, Google Trends makes it easy for you to do an analysis of search trends from Google to best determine your own Positioning strategy.

Also accounts with Ubersuggest and Merge Words, with slight variations, you suggest keywords from the keyword that you enter. Serve to extend ideas, to expand your possibilities.

And now, you’re ready for the next big step…

  • Integrates all your website

Throughout the study, all the effort, nothing will be worth if you don’t know take you efficiently to your websites and blogs. Here you have to determine what keywords are most important to your business, so that you attract more quality traffic.

When you do a search on Google, each result includes titles, descriptions and URL. It is precisely in these elements you should focus because they are the ones that reads and picks up the finder, so they should contain key words to position.

Similarly, you should take care of your page’s duplicate content, because not be original, the search engine will not yield the desired results. In terms of publications or articles that you think, takes into account that:

  • Must always be of quality.
  • With an extension greater than 300 words.
  • Include internal links that refer to other of your pages or blogs.
  • Must serve something to the user, can be useful.
  • The title, in addition to having the keywords you want to position, you must attract the potential customer.
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