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Attracting new clients has always been the most critical point of any business. The Internet is, in the current context, a strategic ally at the time of positioning a brand in the mind of the consumer. Is an effective and very affordable, since it offers a number of very significant advantages to the hour to pose and to execute any trading strategy.

The main advantages of digital marketing are:

Generates greater visibility: get a greater number of visits to a web page is, today, a very simple task. The techniques of SEO (Searching Engine Optimization) allow you to define the profile of a brand and the approach to those customers looking for something related to it, providing the possibility to click and have access to their website. So, be one of the first options in the search engines increases visibility and ensures the contact with the potential client in your specific topic.

Facilitates the direct contact with the user: the social networks approach of the brands to the people. Having a profile in Facebook or in Instagram allows you to share product information, announce special promotions, but also allows you to have a response instantly and generate direct conversation with the client, one by one, and listen to their needs, which translates into an inbound information invaluable. Social networks, more than a fashion, are a way to get closer and strengthen the bond between the brand and the user in a direct way.

Allows to better know the customer: it’s not about designing a product and expect someone to want to pay for what we offer. The digital world is the perfect space to carry the specific message to our potential customers directly. The microsegmentación thus becomes a strategy that is as necessary as it is efficient to identify the audience and maximize our efforts in the conversation.

Identify our users gives us the possibility to access certain information which allows you to create databases, a fundamental tool at the time of contact to the client.

Knowing how to use the techniques of digital marketing and apply them strategically to our business is a necessary step in attracting new customers.

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