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Emanuel Olivier Peralta – 12:42 – 9/10/2017
  • It is better to have a loyal customer that 3 clients step

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Convert your website into a selling machine it is possible if you trust in the Inbound Marketing. A methodology that has been taking land since 2006, when its creators (Brian Halligan, Dharmesh Shah, David Meerman Scott) presented a new way to sell without applying intrusive techniques.

One of its intentions is to flirt with the customer, not about getting a sale and already, the Inbound Marketing you want to establish long-term relationships with the customers, because it is better to have a loyal customer that 3 clients step, the first one will come to buy always, while the latter only do so once.

Then, if the intention is to convert your website into a selling machine by using the Inbound Marketing and getting the consumer loyalty how can you achieved? This methodology is very thorough and not only gives you the theory, you also have the tools to meet the objectives. Let’s look at some.

Pillars of Inbound Marketing to boost the sales of your web site

According to the methodology of Inbound Marketing and based on the actual behavior of today’s consumer, there is a fundamental pillar that becomes the start of an online strategy: the content.

1. Content as a bridge to reach the customer

The modern consumer is the one who takes the helm, now he is the one who decides what to consume and what not to do. Advertising is one element that’s considered annoying and intrusive. On the other hand, by their need to always be connected, interacting, sharing opinions and knowledge, makes it necessary to consume content.

So that the content in its different formats is the element that helps companies in their work to get closer to their potential customers. But how do you know what is the content type that you want to read my ideal client? creating Buyer People.

2. Buyer Person

A Buyer Persona is a profile semificticio of the ideal clients. These profiles are created on the basis of real data: needs, aspirations, challenges, age range, etc., Is to say it includes everything that can have the study of a target audience, only that in a Buyer Person has in mind most personal aspects of people that may become.

If you want to convert your website into a selling machine, it is important for you to know to develop a Buyer Persona, because this will depend on the creation of the content that will help convert visitors into Leads or customers and the creation of effective solutions for your audience, in a few words of this depends on the success of a company in relation to sales.

3. Landing Page

The Landing Page has a key position in a website, so that is one of the pillars of Inbound Marketing to turn your website into a selling machine. What is a landing page?

It is likely that as an Internet user, you are interested in any type of content, whether it be to entertain or educate themselves on a topic of interest, go to search, put the words on which is based the search, and Google shows you the results. Suppose we are interested in the 3rd position, click and then you can see a page that asks you to subscribe to a newsletter or asked to leave some data to see or download the content, this is a Landing Page.

It is a special page that is displayed in the search results with the sole intention of turning the users.

There is not an exact formula that would ensure the conversion of visitors, but if general guidelines to guide the creation of this pillar is so important, some are:

Mention a list of benefits: Without spreading too much, it is good to leave see the benefits that the user will receive if you subscribe or leave the data that is asked for.

Brevity in the text: the more sincere, brief and simple make the text much better. The idea is not to create distractions that will divert the attention of the user.

A button with design striking but simple: The button of CTA should be the element that stands out from the design of the Landing Page, because in the end, what you want is that you perform the action that is asked of you.

4. Implementation of an SEO strategy

One of the many principles of Inbound Marketing is to not be intrusive, let the consumer be the one who finds us and who choose us, but we never find it if you do not apply strategies to position in the search engines.

The main source of consumer’s search today is Google, therefore it is necessary to find the way to appear in the first places of the search engines to increase the likelihood of turning your website into a selling machine.

75% of clicks from users takes the first 5 positions shown in the search results, so it is tempting and necessary to learn techniques about SEO to take a good part of that percentage to your web site.

It is more likely that the user will click on an organic result than on a paid advertisement. Test yourself, find what you want in Google and you will see that unconsciously you will click on the links organic.

By applying these 4 pillars of Inbound Marketing you will see that to convert your website into a selling machine is possible. It is important to mention that these techniques do not give results right away, to enjoy the benefits of this methodology, we must have patience because the results will be in the medium or long term.

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