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For many to gain traffic is one of the most important challenges that is why I take the time to make a small tutorial of “How to get traffic or views that you think are your competition” ,will be something very quick and precise as the love of seo all worth it. “The other thing if you don’t have web page and want to learn how to create a web page from scratch, follow the link”

I want to start with some tools that we’re going to work to be able to steal visits.

Two tools that we will use.

SEMrush and SISTRIX and a bit of MOZ

I guess that you know not?, And if it is not so quiet that you are in the right place, you will learn something new.

These great tools that are at our disposal and in our arsenal of attack have a capacity of analysis bestial to our competition, so while our web pages are going to move forward our competition is going to start back with the following steps that we’ll talk.

We will use these tools as building blocks not only for links but for architecture usability and user response, but we will focus on the analytics and the right metrics, and we will bring other essential tools.

SEMrush + MOZ + Commands Google effective enough to get more visits.

We go with the first.


Many times we would like to know where the visits of our competition, which is why we use this tool, if you do not already have one you can enter through this link, we access to the tool and in this we covers all the process of seo which we can carry.

In this way we will be able to see where they come to the visits, we will go to the positions tab and you will see the number of keywords that the tool sees that we have ranked on Google, but before we move we are going to explain some things that you need to know about this topic and that no one will like or want to explain, keep in mind to be organized and have an entire outline so that you can promote your work to the best also applying some steps to improve your seo instantly.


We will look at the keywords ranked either your website or the competition you will click on the sidebar where it says, Organic Search, this will show us all the keywords that have been able to rankear in Google, I recommend that you open an Excel spreadsheet and the copies of the following way:

Rob visits

Remember that even with a single article of your blog one can get to rankear multiple keywords or variations of long tails, if you talk to her, then to better breakdown this one of your articles the more keywords we will attack.

Once inside the menu “positions” we will have access to the competition explicitly at this point we will stop and look at that meets the following pattern: we will Seek to among the highest volume of searches and that this has reduced competition.


Inside is equation keep in mind that it is always of priority to the words that have less competition is the characteristic that determines fully the selection of our new Keyworks regardless of the traffic we will take as reference 5 web pages and each web page 5 key words eye-catching.
I’ll make you a small example.

You have 2 keywords:

Keyword: Level search 500 times a month / proficiency Level «5»

Keyword B: the Level of searches to 1,000 / Level of competition “6”
And now which would you choose?

In Semrush, in my experience, the ones that work best are the keywords of the type “A”. So that you don’t stick the Url of your competitors and go straight for their best keywords just because they have a higher volume of traffic.

Some things you should know of Semrush for “stealing hits or traffic”

If you really want to steal web traffic, the best you can do is learn to search, or identify which are actually your competitors, it is generally believed that competition is those web that are positioned on any keyword given, and usually if these are also ranked in that keyword Eg: 2-position, and 1 is you go down the sales, but it really is not entirely true, in Semrush, there is a section that shows which are really our competitors, and these are what we’re going to take the hand. “Robaremos a little bit of traffic”.

Always keep in mind that this wonderful tool gives us a great analysis of our website, an accurate way to find what you’re looking for showing the true results of Google.

Although you huh such a way, another might be that no conoscas by means of the search engine your direct competitors to that you do not complicate a lot of searches for a keyword relevant to the subject of the niche and you will find the competitors that may you the most amount.

For now I don’t want you to use Your pass after you for it.

  1. Filters with MOZbar


In the first step we’ve already seen the words that will drive traffic to the website of our rivals and sector, it remains to define which of these keywords are really easy to position the stand in the box Excel already proposed.

I want to go guiding the article to find the best words in our industry by making a custom filter that we’re going to move forward. If you don’t have MOZ is free and you can download it directly from Google as you will use it If you don’t have knowledge of this great tool, I say that this is mandatory for this profession, this allows you to see the strength that you have a web page authority using two values: PA (Page Authority) and DA (Domain Authority – > Authority “Domino :D”), and to know if a link outgoing is Follow or NoFollow..The base is really a web is the DA, since the PA is changed according to the content (social acceptance, links).

We’ll start with simple things, we will look at a listing of the first key words that shows you SEMrush, I recommend that you analyze an average of 5 web pages of our sector and of this get the best keywords.

I don’t want to lengthen the process it is for this reason that for each and every web page will take as a reference to 5 key words being a total of 25 already filtered, logically what you can do with many more, with the tool MOZ also called MOZbar,
Moz Bar

We go directly to Google and put the keyword that we got a to a, we activate the tool Mozbar and we look at the web pages that appear, and that keyword has less force i.e. less number of DA and PA, the less you have the easier it will be.

You want a Secret: In How many occasions we find ourselves with sites that have PA 1,” That you think that means? “Simple, you’ve never done linkbuilding. follow the link If you want to learn how to do linkbuiding and give strength to your web pages.

  1. The All command in Title

Let’s assume that of the 25 keywords that you first started using with SEMrush , after applying the filter of MOZbar, we see that we only serve 10 with a competition relatively low in terms of PA and DA. Now we will make the filtering worthwhile, and this is going to be the All in Title. -> One of the commands of Google.

What is a command of Google?

Are more than tiny lines of text that Google puts at our disposal to find and filter the results. In this way we will make the robot to receive orders more accurate at the time of finding a result.

The purpose of this slot we will use for SEO and to find poor results and weak on keyword within the SERPS, as these are the terms that we want to atacaren our list of keywords, so that the odds go up and we reach the goal.

Steps To follow to apply allintitle:

  • Step 1: We go to Google in your country.
  • Step 2 Copy the following text: allintitle:
  • Step 3 Followed by the text we put in the keyword: allintitle:Keyword

What do you think that we have achieved with this?…

Nothing more and nothing less lthe results of our competition that have included the keyword in the title.

In such a way that we will have to filter once more, the key words based on the following criteria:

  • We will select keywords that have the least possible number of results returned by Google ->As we see the word that you select only has 480.

  • We will look at the relevance of the first results that we returned All in the Title for a particular keyword.
  • Positive: in the first results blogspots semi-abandoned, content that is too old, pages not updated, domains with little authority. Some Facebook the long-term will fall…
  • Negative: in the top results of domains with EMD (exact keyword), domains with lots of authority in the MOZbar, domains with a good number of inbound links.
  1. OpenSite Explorer (MOZ)

The next step is very simple to carry out. Let’s assume that of the 25 keywords that we had, after you apply the filter All in the Title we are left with only 8.

8, which responded to a lesser patterns of competition in the SERPS according to the command of Google previously commented.

Now you have 8 words calve potential. These 8 keywords are associated to 8 Urls different that we have obtained in step 1 with SEMrush (remember that for this whole process we start with SEMrush). We select those 8 Urls and to do this we need to click on the small arrow blue right before the Url in the tab that bears the name “Url” you remember the box in Excel what will get you there.

Us we will take that Url to the tool OpenSite Explorer to be able to analyze their pattern of links and one more time back to filter. But before you have to know: why are we using the tool links from MOZ and not for example Ahrefs, which proclaims to be the best in this field? Well, basically because the free version of OpenSite Explorer is pretty forgiving and will allow you to make quite a few link analysis quite reliable.

Test Open Site Explorer

It is worth it. We have already put the Urls of our competition associated with the keywords most juicy and relatively easy to overcome. Within these Urls, we’re going to analyze what are the that feature a lesser number of inbound links and they will be the ones that we select.

We will look at the Root Domains and Total Links.

  • Root Domains indicates the number of domains that link back to our page
  • Total Links shows all the links pointing to the page, takes into account all (internal links, external, etc.).

To lower are both metric, so much the better.

Hint: a good guideline is to see the following, domains with many links in total links, and with very few root domains, more easy to overcome, link from a single domain pattern of links poor


At the end we were able to see a laborious process of filtering the keyword from the obtained results of our competition. Applying this technique to bulk the keywords to our articles without spamming of keywords (and their traffic) will start to come alone to your website, because the level of selection has been carried to a very high state.

I would venture to say that of those 8 keywords stolen it is very likely that between 80 and 90% of them will succeed in the Google results if it besides use a very good tool to start doing link building with footprints.

We will take as reference a few bloggers known as website Positioning of Side seo and others to continue our process of seo and learn how to make money on the internet hope to see you soon.


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