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Jorge Sánchez Herrera – Nómena Architecture
Architect/Urban Planner

We usually say that the peruvians we live in spite of the absence of the State. But every time I use the track of the Circuit of Beaches, between Miraflores and San Miguel, I think that many times there is also that to survive to the State. For more of that in the last few weeks it has become almost a routine the way, I am surprised by your lousy road design. And there are not a few serious accidents that I’ve seen in this short time.

For example, without being an expert in the subject, and to speak only of this stretch, I don’t understand the lack of lanes slowing for the turns in “U”. On a track whose three lanes have speed limit 80km/h, one must slow down on these same lanes and turn to the left almost 90°; and what is worse, entering almost perpendicular to the track back, with three other lanes of 80km/h.

Another gem waiting for me after the descent to San Martin (south-north). The truth is that I don’t think driving badly, but every time I pass under the new bridge to the downhill to Marbella, via a forzadísima curve in “S” that is generated in order to give way to the same bridge, I feel that I am playing with my luck.

However, the height of the evils is what leads to the lowering of University Avenue, in a north-south direction, which crosses perpendicularly (yes, that is perpendicular!) the lane coming in the opposite direction (from the new downhill Costanera) with cars packed, without traffic lights or some other device that will encourage you to reduce speed.

Every time I use that down, see from above the car, pretending to cross, risking his life at every attempt. There where yes you should have a by-pass or bridge, that would solve the traffic on slopes in a cross that is downright deadly, is not done.

The amount of people who die year to year because of traffic accidents is unacceptable. Many times he attributes the blame to the “irresponsible driver”, which is true in many cases, to be sure. But designs with vials like the ones mentioned, that are not exclusive patrimony of the Circuit of Beaches, it is difficult to find a single culprit.

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