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For nobody is a secret that the way to tell us has changed radically, either because the platforms, media and channels of information grew, because were new consumers of communication or because the business model of journalism is radically transformed in a short time.

For nobody is a secret, but many prefer to ignore it.

The reason is, in very general terms, simple: the landscape of journalism, their consumers and their forms changed, but the media, schools, and journalists do not.

There is a relationship very complicated between journalism and digital platforms, in which, if good journalism requires professionals to monitor the information, find sources, and have a narrative adequate within the parameters of journalistic ethics, the distribution of news in the digital world depends almost exclusively on the positioning in search engines and a correct distribution in social networks.

This leads us to think that journalists, apart from having the academic background, criticism, and professional Colleges, must rely on a series of digital skills to make their platforms of information stand out. Among the more well-known we can count:

Knowledge of SEO. Although the note have exclusive information or talk about the most important event in the world, if it is not listed in the top spots of search engine rankings simply does not exist. And if good positioning in search engines (Search Engine Optimization), requires knowledge of programming in its stage depth, it is important that journalists and comunicólogos know how to write in such a way that search engines can easily find their texts.

Transmedia Storytelling. What is the value of the information on the Internet? Zero. A person with access to the network can log on to any news site and get information without spending a single penny. Therefore, the strategy of a media should be to give added value to the news through a narrative cross-platform. Every social network, every space on a web page can communicate and build a complex story that will make the readers to have an experience much more immersive in the content offered. This implies learn to write and tell stories in languages specific to each platform.

Communication strategies in social networks. The news of 8 columns came to an end. In fact it is rare that a common person between the home page daily to learn the news of the day. One of the main engines of distribution of the information are social networks. Therefore, it is important for a journalist to understand the logic of the behavior, language and viralización of the news, even when he himself does not go to run them.


Digital analysis. The behavior of audiences to digital may seem erratic or chaotic if you do not have the tools of proper analysis. This will allow us to understand in a deep way how they react to certain content, or why they prefer some over others. In addition, it will allow us to know the actual scope and impact of the news that we share.

Use of specialized tools. Data journalism is one of the ways to add value to the news, so it is important that as journalists we we train in the use of software which helps us to understand statistics to tell stories beyond the numbers, as R, only to cite a case. In addition, it is important to monitor the social networks and digital environments and to know in what time a viral content can become a news story; there Crowdetangle may be an option.

The demands of digital journalism require skills that do not necessarily have to do with the classical training of the professionals of the information, since this requires technical skills are very specific and the interest of the professionals to stay updated and, consequently, competitive.


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