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If you want your business to appear in the first places when you do a search in Google, follow these tips

Work to consolidate SEO strategies that will improve your web positioning is one of the keys to ensuring the success of a business online. This will depend on the company to expose your prospects to offer their products and or services as solutions that the consumer is looking for.

Practice good techniques of SEO not only exposes the business in the world online, it also generates a series of benefits that could not be achieved as easily using other techniques of traditional marketing, some of these are:

  • Increases the flow of visits.
  • Saves investment costs in advertising.
  • Increases the visibility of the business.
  • Increases the chance of converting to be customers.

You can write a lot more about the benefits granted to perform SEO strategies to enhance website positioning, but only by way of summary, mention is made of these four.

What is SEO and why is it needed?

SEO refers to the English term Search Engine Optimization, which in our language is nothing more than optimizing for search engines. This involves performing a series of actions that Google will take into account to show a website in their search results.

It is known that a web site has done a good job of SEO when often appear on the first page of Google and your work gains reputation when it is positioned between the first 5 places.

It is necessary because now is the most conventional and intelligent display of a business to a large audience Who has not used Google to check on the use of a product? and in this search the user, this can be connected with a business, visit your website and to navigate between its pages until you become a client.

What to do to improve the ranking of a web site?

There is much to do to position itself at the top of the search results, but there are initial actions that drive a web site to climb Google position. In that sense, it is recommended cincoestrategias of SEO to improve a website positioning:

1. Do Keyword Research

It is one of the SEO strategies to improve the ranking of a web site. In fact it is the first step to build a website friendly for search engines. When you include keywords related to the sector in a website, it is presenting Google with an optimized site, but above all it is expanding the opportunity of being found by potential customers.

The Keyword Research is the basis of all Marketing strategy and Digital positioning, as it is a guide to determine and know how the customers looking for the products or services that a business offers.

2. Create content often

To do Content Marketing is one of the most recommended by specialists in the field because of the role he has for the positioning. Google has robots that will monitor the sites frequently, and in your search of elements to position, appreciates those sites that produce content constantly.

In addition to generating content, comes the chance to include keywords related to the industry of a business online determined. For example, if a trade on the Internet selling clothing for ladies, articles that include “summer fashion”, “outfit for marriage” or “make-up to wear on a party night”, are some of the key words that can help that business position.

3. Linkbuilding

The generation of links and the websites that link to a web site are a good reason to position in Google, because this considers that if many websites link to another web site determined, is because of what it offers is good, is of quality and deserves to be in the first places of the search results.

The problem is that there is that it should be practised with care because some of their actions are frowned upon by Google and hence, are penalized. This, undoubtedly, can cause the positioning worse.

4. SEO optimization on-page

SEO optimization on-page consisting of all the actions that are made within the website to make it friendly to Google. For this reason it is recommended to place the keywords in the meta title, meta descriptions, alt images. Also the generation of content that has already been explained previously.

Also value taking care of the duplicate content, that is text that is repeated more than two times with the same url. This is a delicate point that has to be addressed as soon as you have observed, because Google appreciates negatively the sites with duplicate content.

5. Take care of the bounce rate

It is one of the five SEO strategies to improve the ranking of a web site that can give very positive results. The bounce rate is another of the elements that Google values negatively.

When a site has a bounce rate high, it indicates to Google that the information and all the experience of the user with respect to the navigation of the site is not good.

There are many elements that influence this percentage, it is recommended to review cuál of so many is the responsible of the user lasts a few seconds on the site after arriving. Some reasons for a percentage of the rebound height are:

  • Little information is useful or of value to the user.
  • Speed of loading the site.
  • Resources poor graphics.
  • Web design is not responsive.
  • Web design unintuitive.

These five SEO strategies to improve the ranking of a web site, are just some of the many actions to be done to be the best in the industry. Google assesses at least 200 aspects, but we could say that these are the most easy and important to run.


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