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Wednesday, 20 September, 2017 00:06

Charlotte and Alexander showed his luxurious life in Marbella - Context 1The first chapter of the reality he did not lack anything: lots of laughter, luxuries and even anger

After several days of expectations, the reality of the children of Mariana Nannis aired by MTV. The twins Caniggia showed how they live in Europe, what they do in their daily life and how they get along with their parents.

The first segment of Caniggia Free was “Breakfast with the family.” There they showed her breakfast along with her mom and their talks bizarre, but it was also clear who is the favorite son. “As women we share more things and we can talk more. It is an example to follow: I would love to have the clothing that you, their handbags, their shoes. It is my dream,” said Charlotte about Nannis, and acknowledged that Alex is preferred.

Alex showed that he has a good relationship with his mom and revealed his side more graceful and gentle. Later we saw Charlotte and meets up with her best friend. “We are such to which two drops of water”, said the media. Meanwhile, his brother played football with his dad, who was more simple.

One of the topics of conversation on a ride on the yacht was Lhoan. “To be a Barbie you are missing the Ken rubio. If you want to be a queen you have to get an awesome musician, mom, if you’re not going to make Retreat-Tiger in the (collective) 60”, told Marian to Charlotte. And his brother added: “To me (Mariana Nannis) let me do what I want. It is different, I am boy. For a girl it is different, it has to have a lord. The emperor (himself) can you send the you want”.

Look at the video:



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