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More than five months after the swallow the earth, or better said, the waters of the beach Marbella in Magdalena del Mar, the case of Shirley Villanueva Rivera would be by giving it an unexpected twist.

Canal N reported that the investigation of the Directorate of Trafficking in Persons concluded that the disappearance of the young engineer geographic of 24 years would be associated to an accidental occurrence that would have caused his drowning.

Shirley Villanueva Rivera had arrived to the mentioned place with some friends after witnessing the agonizing tie between the peruvian team and its pair of Venezuela. According to the first versions, the boys would have been drunk.

Another serious matter is, according to the statement of case, is that his own friends “were able to apply for support for the immediate rescue of the young; however, intent, omitted to request assistance to leave the place without giving any account to anyone of what happened.”

Personas que vieron por última vez con vida a Shirley Villanueva serán acusados por omisión de auxilio

People who saw for the last time with life to Shirley Villanueva will be charged for omission of relief

It is likely that the friends of Shirley Villanueva Rodriguez have entered into a state of shock and your state of drunkenness have been scared even more against the fatal outcome of the events that occurred on that day on the beach Marbella.

Early versions indicate that the young people arrived with several more cups to the beach Marbella in Magdalena del Mar after witnessing the agonizing tie between the peruvian team and its pair of Venezuela, valid for the Playoffs to Russia 2018.

It is in this place where after you have consumed a bottle of whiskey, the young engineer and his companions decide to enter the water but a strong wave ended up dragging Shirley Villanueva-Rivera to sea.

But here is where the suspects would enter into contradictions since this would not be the only version of events that was offered to the parents of Shirley Villanueva Rivera and their friends were asked by her throughout the research.

Buzos no encontraron a Shirley Villanueva.

Body of Shirley Villanueva still does not appear.

For this reason, the National Police union to Joseph Velasquez Fernandez, Edgar Pozo Velarde and Bryan Sands Alive as the alleged perpetrators of the crime against the life, body and health in the modality of omission of assistance or notice to the authority.

The police report and who had access to an N-Channel also highlights that if the researched had requested relief to the people or to the authorities who were by the place, “it would have been possible to rescue the life of the victim or the victim to recover his body.”

Instead they tried to cover up the case by throwing the belongings of the victim in several places and destroying the memory of the cell of Shirley Villanueva-Rivera. For that reason, have also been included in the crime of cover-up real.

The case of the mysterious disappearance of the young engineer geographic is already in the hands of the Public Ministry while his family the only thing that demand to the authorities is to see that justice is done.

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