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Have been arrested 24 people in Spain and the Uk, have been dismantled in four plantations of the drug -which have involved more than 1600 plants, it has located a fifth installation already removed and, in addition, agents have apprehended a machine industrial, located in a villa and 58 kilograms of buds

Agents of the National Police of Spain, with the collaboration of the Police of the county of Merseyside, (United Kingdom) and coordinated by the National Agency of the Crime (NCA) in britain, have broken up a drug trafficking group that sent trucks from Spain to United Kingdom with marijuana hidden in a package allegedly contained tiles of marble. In order not to raise suspicions increased the weight of the boxes used for the transport of the drug with bricks. Have been arrested 24 people in connection with the organization -21 in Spain and 3 in England – and have been dismantled in four plantations of marijuana with more than 1600 plants, and located a fifth, already removed. In addition we have seized a machine industrial, located in a villa and 58 kilograms of buds.

The organization was established in the Valencian Community, Catalonia and Andalusia, and the majority of its members were young people of between 22 and 25 years. Living in luxury areas of the City of Barcelona or Marbella and owned high-end vehicles without having a trade legal apparent.

An explosion in Liverpool was the source of the research

The investigation began in June 2016, following receipt of an information from the british authorities on the settlement in Barcelona to a family group dedicated to drug trafficking from Spain to Liverpool. An explosion produced in the british city, in which it appeared explosives and 150 kilograms of speed property of two of those involved, led the Police on Merseyside to arrest three people in charge of distributing in the city the imported drug, in addition to seize five pounds of marijuana buds in two recordings made in Liverpool.

After carrying out the first investigations, it was discovered that two brothers were leading the organization and that from Spain they planned to traffic drugs to the Uk. Later, the agents came up with a subgroup that developed also the illegal activity in our country, and was composed by british citizens between 22 and 25 years. These young people were acting under the orders of the son-in-law of one of the leaders and enjoyed a high standard of living. Without having a craft apparent reside in luxury areas of Marbella or Barcelona and owned cars of high range.

Plantations of marijuana in Alicante, Malaga and Barcelona

Advanced research located a number of plantations of marijuana in the provinces of Alicante, Malaga and Barcelona. Also it was found out that the group of young people investigated was the one that controlled nurseries, with the help of workers in charge of installation and maintenance. The drug they obtained from these illegal crops are centralised in a floor, where envasaba vacuum and are labelled, for subsequent shipment to the Uk by truck controlled by the organization. The transport was prepared in a vessel located in the municipality of tarragona Roda de Bara, a place that controlled the security cameras installed by them and which was one of the members of the band. To get the drug to the foreign used trucks loaded with boxes that allegedly contained tiles of marble, but that they had actually filled, in addition to the drugs packaged, with bricks to simulate the weight of the stone in the event of an inspection.

Once the researchers had established that the harvest of the plantations are going to take place, was made the record of 12 properties located in the provinces of Barcelona, Tarragona, Alicante and Malaga. The result of these entries, were dismantled four plantations with a total of 1646 marijuana plants, in addition to finding a fifth already removed. Also found a packing machine industrial in a chalet, 58 kilograms of buds and marijuana ready for distribution. The documentation found in this last address indicated to the agents that the organization moved large amounts –up to 400 kilograms of different types of marijuana – in short periods of time.

Thanks to this operation have been arrested 21 people in Spain – eight in Catalonia, five in Malaga and eight in Alicante-, among them are the two leaders of the organization and son-in-law of one of them, in charge of leading the youth group that controlled the crops, and the records of its illegal activity. In addition, when they arrested the two ringleaders, the agents found a box of shoes with 120000 euros in cash in its interior.

The arrests carried out in our country, we must add the three arrests made in Liverpool last march, after an explosion at a residence, in which the agents british found a hideout with explosives and 150 kilograms of speed, the drug-related two of those investigated in the operation carried out in Spain.


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