I pump!!! Mila Ximénez, is in love with a billionaire? – Blasting News

Mila Ximenez is back in the center of the media storm, and this time it is not for the controversial program in the works for four hours a day, this time, the controversy is served and seems to come from the hand of a very good news.

Oh Mila Ximenez could be in love with!

The collaborator more energy and character #Sálvame Diario and Sálvame Deluxe has told us for some years until now that your life has changed a lot, let us remember that Mila Ximenez had some stages of their life delicate that we know what went wrong psychologically, fisícamente and of course, financially, given that the partner confessed to us that she even had to go hungry for not having the money to buy food or even to pay for the light. Due to this reason, among others, his daughter Alba had to go live with the famous tennis player Manolo Santana, the father of the only daughter of the seville. We also know from your past in its moments of glory he rubbed shoulders with the most select of the Spanish scene, especially, in the era in which he lived in Marbella. Through his marriage with the tennis player, Mila was able to relate very well and it was thanks to the people who frequented that it could know and live with faces as famous as, Encarna Sánchez, Isabel Pantoja or other deportistar influential at the time.

His life took a turn amaze root to become part of the team of the programme broadcast on Telecinco «At your side» presented by Emma Garcia, thanks to this opportunity, the seville was revived again to be able to begin to walk a new path, as she has assured, it was clear that he could not commit the mistakes of the past. The seville after years in which his life has progressed told us on many occasions from your program that really was now when he was happy, it should be noted that his daughter Alba has made her a grandmother of two grandchildren who are currently living in Amsterdam, even though they are far away, none of that is an impediment to the collaborative in terms of vacation or a weekend, week decides to escape to the side of his daughter and his son-in-law to be able to enjoy their grandchildren everything they could not enjoy in their day to Dawn given the circumstances that occurred.

If something we liked Mila Ximénez has been found in itself that part is protective and courageous to certain experiences, we love it when he speaks of his grandchildren, and above all, we love to see the pride of his daughter Alba after all the progress it has made his mother and how involved that is in addition to quiet in your professional and personal life.

Rumors tell us that he has photographed Mila again in love in the company of a businessman through the streets of Madrid, I hope the rumors are true and finally, the contributor can complete the circle of your life finding love in the arms of someone, to finally give you the happiness.

We will be very attentive to all the news. I have a happy day, readers! #MilaXiménez


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