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The beautiful palillonas that they dazzled the public in parades, patriotic of the 196 anniversary of independence of honduras, on the 15th of September, visited the facilities of Daily newspaper THE TRIBUNE, where irradiated charisma and sympathy, with their best poses.

The attractive “young women” arrived at 11:00 in the morning, accompanied by several of his relatives, among them, mothers, fathers, sisters, aunts and girlfriends who were proud of the girls and grateful to this newspaper for having featured the lovely girls, yesterday, in the first flat. Who are these beautiful girls?

The four beautiful palillonas capitanearon groups bastoneras of their schools, in parades, patriotic memorial to the 196 anniversary of independence of Honduras.

“Let’s be instruments of peace”

Nicoll Reyes, 17, is a student of the second year of Baccalaureate in Sciences and Humanities, at Institute of San Francisco. Aims to study the career of Civil Engineering and was the captain of the palillonas of their school in the marches civic.

To Nicoll asked about his dreams and she, with a smile, answered that, “my dream is to travel and that is by my own effort, by some recognition of the future, perhaps as an engineer.”

Beautiful palillonas visit THE GRANDSTAND - The 1

Nicoll Reyes, Instituto San Francisco.

The young man with a passion for their studies is a student of one of the catholic education centre where you forge the students with christian principles. Nicoll took the opportunity to send a good message to the society: “That we draw even closer to God, because it is what we need our country to move forward and that we can be instruments of peace, to be able to help and serve the citizens”.

The girl of San Francisco, who carried on his suit a recognition of academic excellence, expressed that, “this is my second year (on the parades), and for me it was a great thrill to see that people are happy to see us and to see all the support you gave us… For me it was very beautiful.”

He added that, “I am proud of all my companions, and me, because we gave the best and it was a very special moment for us.”

Also referred to music that denigrates the woman and said, “I am not happy and do not listen to every step of our life there is a time and the children who dance this kind of music in ways daring, that we usually see in the social networks, if one of them was a family member of mine, I speak with their parents because I think that that is not correct, in my opinion”.

Then linda palillona said that, “every family should unite more so that every young person who is in that home are raised with good principles and be a help to our country.”

“We must dedicate ourselves to the studies”

One of the girls that caused a stir in the fashion shows and on social networks was the linda Marbella Baca, 15 years of age, student of the ninth grade, the Instituto Central Vicente Cáceres. He came to THE PODIUM accompanied by his younger sister and his mother, while displaying stylish black boots and beautiful green eyes that ensures he inherited from his grandfather.

Beautiful palillonas visit THE GRANDSTAND - The 2

Marbella Baca of the Instituto Central Vicente Cáceres.

The girl, known as “the Barbie centralist” in social networks, stated that, “I would like to pursue a career in journalism or marketing, and who most admire is my mother, because thanks to her I have gone ahead and I know that what I will doing and I give thanks to our coordinator, ms. Diana Arriaga, because it helped us a lot in the parades”.

In addition, we commented on their hobbies. “I really like listening to music, songs, bachata, merengue, and of course among my favorites are the Girl in The Central and 17 years of los Angeles Blue and the tips as “My Land Honduras”.

About the experience he had when his school entered the National stadium, and it proved the winner as the “Most Acclaimed”, he said “it’s a great feeling and all that we paraded, we know that during the journey is a little tired, but upon entering the stadium is something different, it takes from us all”.

The “cipota” blue eyes admitted that he would like to travel to Paris to meet the Eiffel Tower, in addition, sent a message to the youth that consumes drugs, or is involved in maras and gangs, “I could only say that those are bad roads and that should be devoted to studies, to give pride to their parents, so they can get ahead.”

“You have to cultivate the love”

Anny Escoto, 18, who sported his curious “hat” black, between jokes, he said that this garment will help to protect you from the sun, the past 15 of September, in the marches civic, when it represented to the Institute, Spain Jesús Milla Selva.

The girl, originally from the department of The Paradise, dreams to study advertising or international trade. About your experience at the independence celebrations, said that, “I feel grateful that I took a lot into account and I’m grateful for that, and I really liked the welcome of the people.”

Beautiful palillonas visit THE GRANDSTAND - The 3

Anny Escoto, of the Institute, Spain Jesús Milla Selva.

According to the beautiful girl, some of her hobbies are, “listening to classical music, such as Nina Simone, Frank Sinatra, Queen, The Beatles, among others”.

The “girl” of fair complexion was asked what he thought about the division that cause the social networks in families of today, to which he replied that, “social networks are a great medium because they communicate to us, but you have to use it well.”

According to the young man, who had led the palillonas of the Mile Jungle in the parades, “in the family has to cultivate love and respect and unity.”

The student of the final year of Accounting and Finance, asserted that, “the person I admire most is my mom, because she has fought for me and each day gives me strength to move forward.”

On the perception he has of himself, he stressed that, “I consider myself a generous person, tolerant, charismatic and I think that if there is anything I could improve on, it is my patience.”

“A woman is beautiful for their intelligence”

The young captain of the palillonas of the Private Institute Joshua, Paola Cruz, a student of last year of baccalaureate in Sciences and Letters, came to THE PODIUM with his red dress and his whistle golden in the neck, which he used to direct the steps of their enthusiastic partners in the dances of the 15th of September, at the National stadium.

Beautiful palillonas visit THE GRANDSTAND - The 4

Paola Cruz, of the Institute for Private Joshua.

The beautiful girl emphasized that, “I admire my mom, because she is the one that helps me be a better person and every day I advised to tell me to come forward and encourages me to continue in my studies.”

He also added that, “my dream is to become a journalist, to be able to stand in my country and be a good person, for my parents to feel very proud of me.”

Among some curiosities, we commented that, “the favorite hobbies that I have is that I like to play soccer and listen to music of all kinds, especially romantic music”.

To the girl who for three consecutive years has been palillona of Joshua, was asked, what is it that makes it beautiful to a woman? And she replied, “I say unto you, that every woman is beautiful because every woman has its own way of being special, which goes from a smile to his way of thinking, and not necessarily a beautiful woman has to have a great body but also your intelligence.”

He added about the values that should be cultivated in the families of today are “trust, respect, and love.”

Beautiful palillonas visit THE GRANDSTAND - The 5

Beautiful and grace wore the palillonas Nicoll Kings, Marbella Baca, Paola Cruz, Anny Escoto on the premises of LA TRIBUNA.


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