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Monday, 09 October 2017 · 09:00:00.m.

If you believe in numerology or in the meaning of dreams, Carlos Fernández should take into account the 14. That is the number of the ward in which you are prisoner from the 15th of September. He was lucky: this is the best place you could hope a person who falls prey to the prison in the sanjuanina.

Fernandez, who in San Juan was to call by Hernandez and earned a living as a coaching, fell in San Juan because he was a fugitive from the justice of Spain for 11 years. Required by numerous causes of corruption, who fled for not going to jail in the beautiful Marbella, the city became a councillor when he fled.

After being detained by the Argentine Federal Police, Regional Agency Which, in the Federal Court no. 2 of San Juan ordered the prison authorities, located in the department Chimbas that Fernandez was not mixed with the prison population and that was in a special place: it is a prisoner by the order of international capture code red of Interpol, but in Argentina would not have committed any crime.


This is why Carlos Fernandez locked in the Pavilion 14 of prisoners of crimes against humanity.

As confirmed at the Time of St. John the people linked to these detainees, the exconcejal Spanish took to establish relations of friendship with the oppressors: «you Have a very good link with all», said.

Apparently, his charms as coaching continues to give effect in terms of personal relationships.

The sources linked at the jail also told that Carlos Fernandez receives numerous visits, among them businessmen and traders. And tell that to people in Buenos Aires traveled to visit the exedil.


In that location are detained, the repressors for crimes against humanity (murder aggravated, tortured with electrical cattle prods, kidnapping) committed during the last dictatorship between 1976 and 1983. Among them are Jorge Olivera and Gustavo Ramon de Marchi.

For several reasons, within the prison, are the prisoners more privileged in terms of conditions of confinement. For example, there are no cells.

Even, the rest of the prisoners who depend on the Federal Justice (drug trafficking, people trafficking) are in another wing that has less amenities.

«Against», as they call it in jail to this sector, is one of the latest constructions, therefore the infrastructure is new. Originally built for prisoners who were doing work-therapy; then they said it was going to be for those who were in the last stage and enjoyed Outings Transitional or Conditional release; finally, at least one sector is occupied by the repressors.

It is a house of great size that even is entirely occupied by the inmates housed there.

That is quite an advantage compared to the rest of the prison, if one takes into account the main problem of the Criminal is the space: the construction is made for 650 interns and hosts, on average, a population of 1,200 people deprived of their freedom.

In this pavilion there is a sector where there are beds for inmates to rest. Have exdetenidos that some had made a sort of folding screens with their belongings to have some privacy.

In another section of the pavilion there is a long plank that makes community table for sharing meals.

Another difference they enjoy in that sector is that they have a fridge, and own kitchen, so you can prepare some meals of your own. As the Criminal provides them with the main meals, they say that generally, the use them to make snacks or prepare things in some specific times.

There also have hot water safe for the time of the shower. And the toilets are new.

The pavilion against humanity is a few meters from the main entrance to the prison, stuck to the wall that faces the street Benavidez. Symbolically, it is as close as it is in the jail of freedom.

But the data is not smaller if one takes into account that at the time of receiving visits, they have to walk only about 30 meters from the main entrance and pass a single control of the prison.

Something very different to the rest of the population, where the visits should not only walk a lot more, but must pass numerous controls for doors and gates to reach their relatives or friends of prisoners.

Everything that happens inside of that barn. At certain hours of the day, these prisoners are taken out to walk, and to glue them a little light of the intense sun juan.


So is the life the Pavilion 14. According to numerology, the «blessed» with the 14 «they are spirits chosen to be able to fight against the materialistic attitudes of any era. They are people who seek happiness in any part, and put the material goods to them.»

For those who dream of that number and believe in your translation to bet on betting or the lottery, the 14 is the «drunk».


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