Thus, they managed the best companies to position their web sites – ENTER.CO

Thus, they managed the best companies to position their web sites - ENTER.CO 1

You know what they have done in large companies to position their web sites in Colombia.

As we have explained in our guide, position a web site requires joint actions of strategy and marketing. Fortunately, the technology is of great help when we want to have an Internet presence, from web design, SEO techniques and SEM and other aspects of digital marketing.

But in this note does not delve into the technique, but in the stories about how the best have managed to position their web sites .COM.CO A mix of intuition and persistence, along with a strong technological component, they turned to these websites in the pillars of their companies.

Take off

The company take Off was founded in 1999 by entrepreneur argentine Roberto Souviron and the co-founders Mariano Fiori, Martin Rastellino, Alejandro Tamer and Christian Vilate. The starting point was to prevent travellers make long queues at the counters of the airlines to get a flight and, of course, the idea was well received in the saturated markets at the time of purchasing a ticket.

So it became one of the first firms in Latin America to offer the users the possibility to buy online a flight, and book a room in a hotel on the Internet. In a few years they added other services such as car hire and travel in cruises, but this expansion is another story. As many Internet projects, he sought to expand and in a few months, opened various offices in the main cities of Latin america. Today is the agency with the largest presence in the region and a leader in sales.

Such success is attributed to the structure of its business model, starting with the name of the company: ‘take Off’. A word very appropriate for a service of online travel and the acquisition of the domain, that gave customers enough confidence to try the service that now have almost 60% of market share as travel website.

In addition, the migration of customers from the offline world to the online has also been key to the positioning and recognition of the company. It can be said that launched a sustainable business future.

The market opportunity and business model

Thus, they managed the best companies to position their web sites - ENTER.CO 2

Take off was inspired by other already existing models under the concept of an online travel agency. First, with a strong focus on flights, and then on hotels and travel packages. At the present time are the main sales channel for many airlines.

Customers are using their mobile devices or computers to access the web site Off the and search for trip plans and book airline tickets, hotels, car rental, cruises, buses, bookings of rentals.

The income for the company comes from commissions, which in the case of flights of around between 10 and 12%, and in hotels reach to be doubled. The income is complete with advertising from the traffic on the site which has around six million users registered and online corporate travel.

In the midst of its growth and with the objective of consolidating itself, from the company they worked for to associate your brand to the concept of tourism. In the 2002 Off absorbed some of its competitors, and generated partnerships with other Internet sites to increase the traffic on the site. Despite its success, the company is constantly striving to maintain competitive differentiation and maintain the loyalty of the customers. To achieve this, it adds new functions to your web site steadily.

The colombian market: take

As part of its strategy of positioning in the different countries of the world, take Off took the decision to use territorial domains for each web site. Likewise, for your web site colombian uses a domain .COM.CO which makes reference to Colombia and help the country’s enterprises to be more visible in our market through the search engines.

The domain .COM.CO has been key in the positioning of take-Off since its arrival in the country. In the vastness of the universe of internet searches, the company needed to be located quickly and effectively. With the acquisition of its domain is again close to the colombian and thus to the market of the country. In addition, the domain gives you a presence and such as is easy of pronunciation and writing, accomplishes the function of remembrance.

In the country, it is common that the users prefer to enter directly Off the, because they know that they will find the information as digested as possible. The offers and promotions that are displayed will be more local in nature, so they feel in something of their own.

City Guru

Thus, they managed the best companies to position their web sites - ENTER.CO 3

Ciudadguru is an interactive platform of local information that was released by Carvajal Information (before Posting & Guru, a multinational company that operates in nine countries and launched its service in Colombia about two years ago) for users to find data on their sites of interest.

The web site offers a guide to entertainment, events, sites of interest and suggestions of plans according to each user’s profile. Not only is the programming, but the comments and ratings that other users have performed in front of the service, to enrich their offerings.

His arrival as .COM.CO

In Colombia, the construction of this platform is supported at 500,000 records of business establishments, throughout the country, that come from the experience that you have Carvajal in the realization of the Yellow Pages. To kick-start this initiative there was a group of about 70 people and an investment of $10.500 million in both the development of the page as in the promotion in traditional media and on social networks.

In fact, the power of the service is on the basis of data of commercial establishments that is behind, in virtue of his creator, the company Carvajal proprietary Information of the traditional Yellow Pages.

It should be noted that one of the keys to that City Guru to reach so many people in the national territory is that it is easy to find and is directly linked to what happens in Colombia. With your domain, obtained better rankings in the search engines and you had the choice of both users, both foreign and local partners of its brand to the country. This was very important considering that the site wants to display the offer of entertainment, culture, gastronomy of the colombian cities.

According to the Colombian Chamber of e-Commerce, the site of City Guru for more than 20 million unique monthly visitors, highlighting the considerable traffic of users from their online portals are looking for and buying the products of the customers of the multilatina.

On the right path

The company behind City Guru has put a great expectation on this product, which would allow him to remain relevant in the digital age, taking advantage of the jackpot that he won in the world of printed telephone directories. So, Carvajal information can be considered the king of a business based on the role, and now migrated to digital, because with can be on the right path to consolidate its position in the digital markets.

Both sites considered key to choose for your company a domain to give them ‘a touch more local’ and help them to gain a foothold in the country. The domain .COM.CO became the first step for the digital positioning as search engines like Google associated searches in Colombia, with registered sites under these domains.

Thus, they managed the best companies to position their web sites - ENTER.CO 4

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