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57, the exmodelo Jill Dodd has just published his memoirs.

“I would like that you were my ‘wife for pleasure‘. We sign a contract for five years. I will take care of you, I’ll be able to contact at any time, if you want to see me I will send a plane. You’ll be able to go out with other men”. These were the words with which Adnan Khashoggi, the multimillionaire saudi and arms dealer, he proposed marriage to Jill Dodd, founder and designer of the clothing brand Roxy.

By then she was a model , highly prized in Paris. I was 20 and he 44. They met at an exclusive party in Monte carlo, a wild party and decadent, with all the excesses of the jet set, carefree, eager to have fun. Dodd danced, drank champagne and went dancing. The life was a fun game, simple and innocent, between the walls of Le Pirate, where waiters with long hair and no shirt, played the guitar around a campfire dazzling.

When I was with him, had his own style of life: he lived in their beautiful homes and was served by their butlers, chefs and massage therapists

At one point, her agent approached her and asked if I knew who was dancing. She said no, that he didn’t care. He responded with two words: “Adnan” and “Khashoggi”. Although in a first moment the name will not sound like, soon realised the relevance of one man, often with the shared dance. Until his death at age 81 last month, was one of the richest, the one who had the bigger boat, the women prettier and the man with the most political conspiracies behind your back.

Such is life in a harem: “I Was wife of the pleasure of a saudi multi-millionaire”

Jill Dodd during his years as a model in Paris.

Khashoggi made a living as an arms dealer or, as he preferred to say, “solving problems“. Among them, the scandal Iran-Contra, in which he served as intermediary to the U.S. to sell weapons to the iranian government, which at that time was at war with Iraq. During the golden years of your business, between the seventies and eighties, a period in which discovered to Dodd, was known for his contacts in the middle world and, in regards to the magazines of the heart, for their love affairs and summer holidays in Marbella.

That night changed his life

The millionaire saudi was captivated model american and there began a story of love, pleasure and jealousy that now Dodd has written in his biography entitled ‘The Currency of Love‘. “When we sat down, he went up the sleeve and wrote ‘I love you’ on my arm in large letters and red. At the beginning I did not realize that it had been written with blood”, sets out the ‘BBC‘. “I was lost in my own world, giddy with alcohol and surrounded by strangers in that crazy place. The only thing I did was stare at my arm,” he said.

I was about 12 centimeters taller than he, his head was round and bald and had a paunch. It seemed to me adorable!

That declaration of love took her to the luxurious yacht of a tycoon (the Nabila, which passed through the hands of Donald Trump and today is owned by the prince Al-Waleed), where he asked marriage. “I do not I case in the traditional way,” he warned. Khashoggi said that it would be a “wife of leisure”, one of many, as the royals and other powerful men were in Saudi Arabia. And she sealed the contract with a kiss.

Khashoggi with his last wife, Lamir, in Cannes. (Reuters)

From that moment on, the model began a double life. On the one hand, the glitz and the opulence of his own relationship with the millionaire arabia: “I Had his life style when he was with him: he lived in their beautiful homes and was attended by his domestic servants, cooks and masseurs”. On the other, your job, car, and other worldly concerns.

Despite the close relationship that the american was supposed to have with your new “husband of pleasure, she was unaware of the shady business that was engaged. “On a trip to Las Vegas told me that he was closing a big business. When I explained what it was, I exclaimed: ‘But are machines of war!’ And I replied: ‘do Not have all the countries the right to defend themselves?’.

The other wives

During the lavish of his life, had to deal with the rest of the “wives of pleasure” in meetings or dinners. “With the time became normal. We were trying to with respect, but kept the distance. I felt that it was special for him.” It was later when everything started to change: “One night I was asleep in my bed and he came into the room with a package. I kissed her on the head and I turned around and said: ‘I was wrong room! But stay with the gift’”.

What are you doing? Are you looking for girls to buy? What was as well as me did you find? What I chose in a catalog?

There he realized that it was perhaps not as special as I thought, but one more in the harem. It was then when the baron began to look for a new wife (from a catalog) and she felt betrayed. “What are you doing? Are you looking for girls to buy? What was as well as me did you find?”, we espetaba. And, in fact, there came a younger, René, 22 years.

Such is life in a harem: “I Was wife of the pleasure of a saudi multi-millionaire”

She was not to return to the arms of Khashoggi. The destiny wanted that the day of his death, on the 6th of June, be published the memoirs of the exmodelo. It was a coincidence, wasn’t premeditated, and she now can’t take it out of your head: “In the middle of the night I woke up crying and felt that I was speaking to him, telling him that he wanted to”. Dodd was part of the harem of a saudi multi-millionaire and, although you save a good memory of that time, I never would like that your daughter, the fruit of a marriage later, had, like her, a “husband of pleasure”.


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