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The daughter díscola of the President Trump plans to from Marbella your transfer to Washington of the hand of Ross Mechanic, a young democrat.

Tiffany Trump, the youngest daughter of the President of the united States, Donald Trump, was spotted on Monday having dinner in an exclusive restaurant in Marbella, Trocadero Playa, that is your partner from the year 2015, Ross Mechanic, which some media have confused you with Diego Peña Nieto, the son of the current president of Mexico. Few days ago started a tour of Europe that took them to Budapest and Berlin, after having spent a few days in the Hamptons, where they dined with the young woman’s mother, Marla Maples.

The couple is enjoying the most of their leisure time together, since last may, the Mechanic, was graduated at the University of Pennsylvania. Tiffany did a year before, in the same alma mater, and at the end moved to New York. During this course, young people have maintained a long-distance relationship. It is likely that this is why they have entered with so much joy the recent graduation of the young, as we have known thanks to their accounts of Instagram, in that they have both wanted to share in this moment.

This trip takes on a relevance extra if we have in mind that next fall She will start a new academic adventure. Will move to Washington D. C. next to the marriage Trump and the family of his older sister, Ivanka, to study law at Georgetown University. We do not know what will happen with the Mechanic, but it is likely that Tiffany look closer to his father and is thinking of leaving behind a life that is more centered in the show business. In the end, the image of the young 23-year-old has been a shift since his father has become president of the united States.


On November 9, 2016, Donald Trump, gave his first speech after his victory in the elections. Tiffany and Mechanic were there that day supporting you. Also, to celebrate the inauguration of Trump months later, and the Mechanic even posted a photo to remember the historic moment in his account of Instagram. Were also present during the dance of investiture and, during the Passover, the couple moved to the family residence aboard Air Force One.

However, there is a surprising fact: the 22-year old man, that is just licensing in computer engineering, he is a democrat, like the rest of his family. In fact, his father, the lawyer, Jon Mechanic, head of the law firm Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson’s, donated thousands of dollars to support the campaign of his opponent, Hillary Clinton. Even so, the president has never seemed to matter enough to this trend and, less now, that both families are related. In an article published by Reuters, referred to the dedication of Trump wrote to the attorney in a copy of his book The art of the deal: “The best lawyer of real estate in the world, with my best wishes”. Everything seems to indicate that the two clans is better complement than it might seem, despite their political disputes.


The youngest daughter of the Trump, is the fruit of his second marriage with the actress of the film, Marla Maples, and perhaps that is why it is the one that has a profile more different from the rest of the family. Of small lived far away from their step-siblings in California, next to his mother, who was looking to move away from the gossip and sensationalist media, in an environment in which it was essential, the perfect communion with nature.

Until her father came to the presidency, Tiffany was surrounded by artists, people of fashion, children of… Was part of a group of young billionaires that the newspaper The New York Times called Snack Pack, next to the granddaughter of president John Fitzgerald Kennedy or the tataranieta of Henri Matisse. The daughter of Trump has never missed the fashion week of New York. By the way, this year, complained that some people refused to sit next to her, despite the fact that in 2016 paraded to the clothing brand Just Drew. And years ago he had worked as an intern in the offices of Vogue.

Mechanic has not only links families with Trump, also shares business. The past summer he worked as a software engineer in the offices of Cadre, the startup founded by Jared Kushner, husband of Ivanka Trump. The young man has a resume excellent and fluent Arabic. None of this prevents to have the hobbies of most kids his age: he likes sports watering, enjoy the Superbowl and has even uploaded a photo of Pau Gasol during a game of basketball to your social networks. But what is clear is that there has been a change. Before you start to go out with Tiffany, his account of Instagram was full of parties, luxury pools and friendly beautiful. Now, as has happened to your partner, there are more ties and seriousness.

It is likely that the increased presence of Tiffany in the political life of their father have to do with a strategy to get votes, most young people during the next legislature. Its been more connected with the art and the holidays were giving him bad press; because of this, the publication Heatstreet hinted that his father might be away from the spotlight for its character and less disciplined. Be that as it may, the case is that Donald has disproved, to speak publicly in favour of her daughter: “Has removed all sign of honor in Penn, I am very proud of her.”

Tiffany Trump and Ross Mechanic they just give their first steps in the adult world, and everything indicates that they are willing to leave their past behind. In fact, evil tongues claim that the young man withdrew his ‘like’ of the profile of Facebook of Hillary Clinton during the last year. And despite the fact that Tiffany has grown up with a mother unconventional and trends something hippies, at least in the past, the little daughter of Trump appears to be willing to follow the steps more conservative than his sister. What unite businesses that do not separate policy.

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