He murdered his aunt in Ciudad Ixtepec, Oaxaca – NIV News

One of the alleged perpetrators in the death of a woman and injury to another, when you attack them inside his home to steal his belongings, he was arrested by elements of the State Agency for Investigations in Ciudad Ixtepec, and was available to the judge of control in Juchitán de Zaragoza.

According to the police report, yesterday afternoon was arrested on avenida Joaquín Amaro of the colony, The Modern City of Ixtepec, Away A. T. to count against you with an arrest warrant for the crime of murder committed in tort for his aunt Felícitas E. T. and injuries to another woman, according to the criminal case 269/2017.

According to the criminal case, the facts occurred on Thursday 22 of June of the current year when the lady Felicitas was in his home and allegedly his nephew, and others, entered his home with intent to steal.

Inside the house, the retired woman of 70 years of age was attacked with a hammer and by which he lost his life in the building.

During the afternoon, Natividad M. T. arrived at the address located on the street of the emperor, Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad Ixtepec, and also was injured by one of the alleged perpetrators.

Alexander was arrested charged with the crime of murder of her aunt

The elements of the municipal police arrived at the home and where they confirmed that the interior was injured Natividad, who was aided and channeled emergency clinic of City of Ixtepec, where she was bed bound.

However, when you review within one of the rooms, the clothing removed, they found the lifeless body of the maid retired, Felicitas.

The area was cordoned off by the police, who started with the proceedings within the housing.

The police troops and experts were admitted to the room, where they reviewed the lifeless body of the elderly woman, and subsequently he was moved to the pantheon city for the practice of the autopsy of law, confirming that she was murdered apparently with a hammer.

The items police continued with the investigations and established the identity of the alleged perpetrators, which fought the apprehension order.

Alejandro was one of the alleged perpetrators and who was arrested yesterday by police troops, and it became available to the criminal judge that what required, where it will determine your legal status in the next few hours.

Shock kills woman

A woman was beaten to death inside his home located in the colony Oaks West of Matías Romero and his body was discovered during the morning of yesterday by their family members, who called for the intervention of the staff of the State Attorney General’s office.

The finding of the body was done by family members who came to the residence in the avenida de la Rosa, among the streets of Magnolia and Violets of the said colony in the humid zone of the Tehuantepec Isthmus.

Inside of the apartment was without life, Marbella P. J., 26 years of age, who was a native of San Andres Tuxtla, Veracruz, mexico and lived with his partner.

One of the relatives said that on constant occasions, Marbella was living with her partner and drank alcoholic beverages.

Sunday afternoon, Marbella and your partner were to leave your child with the paternal grandmother and no longer returned for the night by him to a business of selling snacks.

The mother-in-law of the now extinct, he said that during the night they were to leave the child and mentioned that one after they would go to work in a cenaduría, but no longer returned.

Yesterday, when went to search for the woman to tend to the child, they found it lifeless and with blows to the face.

Experts and agents, investigators arrived at the home with the purpose of investigating the case, confirming that the woman had disfigured the face, and your partner was not located within the property and is ignorant of its whereabouts.

About it began the folder of investigation by the crime of femicide and the police looking for the person responsible.


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