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Antonio Banderas is very well known worldwide not only for participating in a great number of films or be in charge of putting the voice to the character of puss in Boots in the movie children’s «Shrek» but is also notable for the amount of economic resources that it invests in support of the artistic world in all of its variants.
Every summer, the artist contributes their little grain of sand in the renowned Starlite gala organized in Marbella (South of Spain), with the aim of collecting money àra its different , whose purpose is to raise funds for his foundation, «Tears and Favours».
However, his life as a person in solidarity is not always the color of roses, since he had to withdraw from a project which consisted in the remodeling of the theatre of Malaga, assuring that “you can’t want to invest millions and they give you kicks in the ass”. The actor had the desire to turn the world cultural and artistic city, but the differences of opinions led him to abandon the project.
Without giving importances to the criticism, the spaniard returns to the market with a new application called Vibuk, which was presented in Madrid. It is a tool created by publicist Jorge Martinez and his team and that Flags is an active partner.
This new social network has as main objective to help you expand your artistic work. The subject can raise its profile with its artistic features and thus to make known their talent. «If there had been this application when I shot ‘the way of The English’, it would have saved me time and money. It is a kind of Yellow Pages to the world of the show that will make it much easier life,» said Banderas.
«Vibuk» therefore allowing you to eliminate the role of the intermediary and of any agent that seeks to profit from a new artist. «When I started it was very difficult to enter in the world of film if you do not know someone. I have kicked bars and cafes to find out of shoots and castings. And if you’re lucky, you could find yourself with an actor that you would like to lend a hand, or a director who will not look with face to say what this who is it?» expressed the Spanish.
The new invention is responsible for other side to connect people. In this way a certain company can hire a very wide network of professionals who will offer showing you their profile, their videos, their jobs.
«In technology I’m a shorty. When I told my daughter Stella told me that this tool was “very easy and interesting”. With that appreciation, I think we are on safe.», provided Antonio.
In Malaga,the politicians rejected many of the projects of the actor who confessed that feels that they don’t have to make the politicians to meddle, or to lay hand on the culture. He argues that the encounter with a war between politicians and I’m not for battles. That’s why he retired.
«Politicians are the vedettes of the TWENTY-first century. We need managers and administrators to the lives of the citizens easier and not the contrary. Inbreeding has been established in the policy and ends with everything provided then the artist.
On the other hand, believes that Spain is emerging from the crisis and this is the best time to give a little air to the artists.
While both Flags, he says that he placed ‘stents’ and that is very good health. Within a few days you will receive the National Award of Cinematography, one of the most coveted prizes of his career.
The actor is very motivated by his new project and hopes to contribute to the growth of artists in Malaga. Without a doubt, it is a very good idea for people to be able to give an account of their talent without needing an intermediary.


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