Antonio Banderas: “I have led a life that was not normal” –

The actor speaks of how it deals with his career after the heart attack, and of the relationship between Melanie Griffith and her girlfriend, Nicole Kimpel

Antonio Banderas is installed from a week ago at his home in Malaga, resting, waiting to begin the events of Holy Week in which it expects to participate as all the years if “potato” is what allows. There, in his house in the center of the city, has received the daily South, with whom he has spoken of his health and how it deals with life after the problem in his heart.

“I’m fine. That has opened all of this (points to the heart, in a gesture that is repeated several times throughout the interview) is a space of reflection. I know why I this has happened. I’ve been working on the past few years mounted on a truck of adrenaline, and as I was losing the rhythm, beat me as if I pillara a train… I happened by an excess of everything, mainly of work, because I don’t drink, but smoke, and no longer. If something good has been this is that I have stopped smoking abruptly, without the need for pills or anything like that. It’s all over! I have been, almost without realizing it, one life at a speed that was not normal. What I said in the press conference. Last year I said that my natural state was the tiredness, I couldn’t remember what it was to rest, and when it did my body startled, and my heart told me enough. Now my reflection is how I’m going to continue living… I’ve led a life that was not normal”.

Flags has opened a period of reflection on how your life will be from now on. “Man, I’m going to keep working, but I’m going to make another rhythm. I’m going to give you space, I’m going to paste a time between productions, and above all I’m going to make the jump that longing from so long ago: me behind the camera, writing my scripts, and that will give me time. For example, to make a film every one or two years. Quietly, and can make movies great from Malaga, from Madrid, from Hollywood or from the Conchinchina, that the world is already global, very global. The paradigm of the cinema, moreover, is changing because more people are watching movies on tv via applications on their mobile phones or on their iPads, much more than in theaters. You see more movies than before, but in formats that are very different. I want very much to tell stories that I have lived, stories mine. Write my movies, I write my scripts, prepare well, look for financing… it Is like the one who wrote a book about life, about friendship, about love, about death, about all the things that are important to us, and that is what it is”.

ntonio Banderas and Nicole Kimpel at the Teatro Cervantes in Malaga, moments before receiving the Biznaga of Gold honor at the close of the twentieth Festival of Spanish Cinema of Malaga. DANIEL PEREZ EFE

And he adds: “This I think I will calm down: to be able to say now I come to Malaga, or to my home in Marbella and is be several months preparing for this or that, what before was not, seeing my friends in the evenings. It is clear that I will continue serving my commitments, for example with Puig or clothing…, but to reduce it all; it does not go as until now mounted on this motorcycle is crazy that I have circulated.

The actor recalls that some years ago a Hollywood agent told him that ‘no’ was one of the most important words that you might use in Hollywood, “and in life too.” “I have not learned to say no (…) one wants to be on good terms with all the world, and you can’t do that. It is impossible,” acknowledges the interpreter of 56 years.

Flags also had time to talk about his former wife,Melanie Griffith, the relationship with her and with her new partner, Nicole Kimpel. “In my personal life [Melanie] has meant a lot, but in the professional practically nothing. Now, in the staff, an outrage, and, beware!, still represented very much (…) Melanie since that happened to me this [the attack on the corazónl] calls me practically every day, and I still maintain a great relationship with her, and Nicole adores. We ate together the three of them, for example”, with this statement ditch the rumors that Griffith had a strained relationship with Kimpel.



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