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Before that we split a beam…A reflection on the tax on plastic bags.
I. Prior to that we split a beam…
Each day that passes, the climatic conditions of the Earth get worse and with these, the deterioration of ecosystems and communities is more visible, as evidenced by the recent tropical wave (one of the increasingly frequent) that struck our Caribbean Sea and the break of the shelf Larsen C, Antarctica, the largest ice mass ever detected in our geological history.
According to the version of scientists from the british University Swansea is a iceberg seven times the size of the city of New York, with a weight of a billion metric tons, with a length almost incredible 6,000 square kilometers.
Although researchers have been cautious in affirming that the breakdown of the gigantic mass of ice that now sail to the south of our America and of the Earth, it will not affect the level of the sea in the short term, what is certain is that Antarctica and the North Pole every day they deteriorate more by the global warming generated by us humans, and sooner or later they will see the negative impacts of this event, as on Earth, “life is a plot and everything is connected to everything else”, as a day of the year 1855 said the wise Chief Noah Seattle, native american of the north in his famous letter to president Franklin Pierce of the USA.
In this way, the couple that are cracked the ice shelves of Antarctica and disappears this same item at the north pole, and in our snow-capped mountains of Colombia, increased rains, floods, droughts and the famines of the human and the disappearance of biodiversity, in this same way, typhoons, hurricanes, gales, tornadoes and waterspouts are more frequent, and sowing a path of death and destruction, a product of climate change.
More the catastrophe does not stop here… the thunderstorms, are increasing by the day in frequency and dangerousness, generating events unusual that we had never seen the caribbean and cartageneros, at least in the last 60 years.
While it is true that these are a natural phenomenon, very repetitive in the rainy season of our coast, in the world there are a number of regions, where these are presented in a way
more frequent and permanent, regions in which living beings are more exposed than in other parts of the world to the risk of to be broken by a lightning bolt.
The top three south american is represented by the basin of the Maracaibo Lake in Venezuela, with 300 thunderstorms per year, the lower basin of the River Catatumbo, and Middle Magdalena, which runs through regions of Antioquia, Santander and Bolívar, among other departments.
In this area it is worth noting, the case of Medellin, considered by some experts as one of the three cities where fall the rays in the world for a year.

In Cartagena de Indias, on the 24th of August 2013se presented an unusual episode in which two brothers were killed and other wounded of consideration; that at the time was a downpour and the personabas played a game of football on the beaches of Marbella.
In like manner, in the present month of July, the last day seven, the other two brothers who returned to the population of Arenal, (Saint Stanislaus kostka) lost their lives together with their horses, be struck by a lightening bolt, while moments later, another natural phenomenon of the same type as the destroyed the dome of the church of the population and injured three people who were laboring in the interior of the temple.
This goes to present that in the rainy season, which triggers more storms, not only in Cartagena and its surroundings, but in the national territory, increasing the risk factors; unfortunately, these natural phenomena that, when viewed from far away, they become a spectacle of nature tend to be more frequent and dangerous, given the negative impact on the atmosphere and climate is generating climate change.
Before this, before the inevitable and deepening of the phenomenon is necessary to keep in mind the recommendations of the Ecology of Everyday life, made by some experts (Horacio Torres of the U. Nacional, Bogotá), and for us environmentalists of Cartagena de Indias:
1. Immediately, before an electrical storm it is necessary to seek a shelter under the roof safe and away from doors and windows.
2. Disconnect the wedges and the appliances that work with electricity and deviate from the live points of this; in this same sense it is necessary to also unplug the cables from the tv. and Internet modems
3. Not to have contact with the soil; the recommended sitting in a cabinet of wood, without any metal element.
4. Suspend, any sporting activity, even when it is appreciated that it is forming the temporary and approaching rain; “person cautious not part of a”lightning bolt».
5. Exit and retreat from the pools, the sea, rivers, streams, ponds and any body of water, but these aqueous surfaces are less dangerous than the mainland, by energy matters earth’s land.
6. Avoid proximity to metal structures such as bars, balconies and terraces.
7. Do not shelter under any tree isolated, and much less to connect lightning rod on the house or building.
Torres points out: “there is a higher risk that putting a lightning rod: when lightning strikes, this receives and low looking for land creating an electromagnetic field that causes damage around you, everything hurts, why not install lightning rods, use comprehensive systems of protection.”
8. In synthesis, in case of electrical storms, that from now on, will be more frequent and more dangerous, seek out a secure roof and take the recommended precautions; the Ecology of Everyday life, that is to say, the daily living, it gives us principles that help to preserve the life and to be more friendly to the environment and the other beings of nature.
II. A reflection is urgent on the tax on plastic bags.
Controversial in its essence, the Act 1819 of 2016, known as the tax Reform, in matters relating to this subject, says that its “purpose is to discourage the consumption of the plastic bags, seeking the protection of the environment”, with the burden of the collection of the commercial establishment that delivers them.
From this perspective, as well, to the naked eye, it is an initiative friendly with the environment, whose antecedent in the resolution 668, 2016, effective from December of the year referenced, prohibited the circulation of the bags of less than 30 X 30 centimeters, reducing the consumption of plastic bags in a 27%, according to the official reports.
In fact, while the human we cover the world of the so called “plastics”, the measure is positive for a colombian average consumes six bags during the week, 24 a month, 268 a year, and 22.176 during a existence vital of 77 years; now multiply this figure and you will see the super, ultra wealthy amount of bags used by more than 40 million colombians.
However, the management may be better as you have attempted some advanced countries, from several years ago, where he banned the use of the above-mentioned elements, in the same way with the successful experiences of a very few commercial chains in the country.
However, it is necessary to highlight that behind this measure altruistic with the environment hides the spirit alcabalista of the current national administration of finance, whose minister seems to have born without a soul, and who is only interested in raising, even at the expense of the greater poverty of the poor and the middle class, forgetting that more than 30% of the treasury of Colombia passed into the hands of the corrupt, the vast majority of which roam rampant through the halls and offices of the authorities, institutional, national, regional and local.
In this way, if you really want to make valuable contributions to environmental conservation, it is necessary to:
1. Implement and strengthen the processes of Environmental Education current level of education formal and non-formal, based on the assumption that the pedagogical processes, are one of the best strategies to tackle the damage that affects the partner ecosystem, and the ecosystem of the planet.
At the district level, it is necessary that the environmental education ceases to be regarded as the “cinderella of the ride” for which it requires the political will of the rulers and the decisive action of the control bodies to force the authorities reluctant to assume the commitment with the education for environment and Sustainable Development, as stipulated by the law 1549, July 5, 2012.
2.The National Government in the exercise of the powers conferred upon him by the Political Constitution and the laws, must continue, as it has been to do so by restricting the use of bags, until, in immediate terms, to a total ban, as is right and as he should be for a long time.
The extent of fixing a tax, by others irrelevant to a product highly polluting, belies the purpose of the environmental standard, situated in the plane alcabalero and shows little environmental sensitivity of individuals and entities that were issued, as a high degree of illiteracy in this delicate field of knowledge and the existence of humans.
“Pay a few bucks, then contamino”, cannot continue to be a principle that regulates the environmental ethics of the citizens of the Blue Planet in particular of the colombian people, a living being, whose biodiversity we killed, day after day.
3. From this perspective, there is no other alternative than to return to the wise customs of our grandparents and parents: use the biodegradable shopping bag made permanent, to become best friends of life and the environment.
4. To become environmental educators from various roles and positions we play in everyday life, I want to say from the house to the site of work and from the morning when we wake up, until the evening or early morning hours before retiring to rest.
5. By way of interim final, it is necessary to continue to disseminate these proposals, through the media and social networks, and call for greater commitments of action and control to the relevant authorities, through the mechanisms of citizen participation that confer the Constitution and the laws, as are , among others, the Action of Guardianship, the Popular Actions, and the Enforcement Action.

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