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During the campaigns for the governorship of the State of Mexico emerged social network accounts, which they invented and shared memes, collages, or videos, that we created a community in line that he played against and in favour of the candidates.

With this type of content, Alfredo Del Mazo, the PRI, was white’s most popular jokes, and even an anime. The satire of the state was reflected in The Deck-Kun, a page of Facebook that embodied the candidate as a kind of superhero. The message, which is influenced by the page ‘BroncoWave’ (with the figure of Jaime Rodriguez Calderon, the current governor of Nuevo León), is clear and resounding: to trivialize the figure of Alfredo, for good or for evil.

Cesar Castillejos, spokesman Alfredo Of the Mallet, confirmed to Verne that this page does not have any relationship with the official campaign of the PRI.

Alfredo del Mazo is not the only case, it also created Delfina Wave and She Wave, two pages of memes that are not already available, but which, during its existence, not managed to overcome the two thousand followers.

What are the strategies of the parties? How this was their attempt to reach the electorate, young man? What is certain is that the three pages did not grow and, in the case of being part of an official campaign, maybe it would have been a resounding failure.

The use of social networking accounts to promote and/or position a candidate is a popular trend in recent years. Were used in the campaigns of Enrique Peña Nieto, but also in the current elections of the State of Mexico.

According to Carlos Gutierrez, a specialist in social networks and director of Le Black Room, there are two types of bots and influencers:

  • The containment: stop any type of attack and advocate for certain candidates.
  • That will divert attention: they function as smoke screens to distract from certain issues.

The dirty war

In the framework of the contest of the State of Mexico, there was also a dirty war, through page, whose administrators are a mystery.

With a simple search in Google will find the page an effort apocryphal to discredit the candidate of the BREAD. This site lists the reasons not to vote for her, through sections, such as: “My Team of Rats”, “why don’t you vote for me?” “The Bakery”, etc.

The website is linked with the Twitter account @CorruptinaVM, who does not tweet often, and it just has 23 followers. Through SEO (technique used by a web page to position in the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing), the site attracts a lot of people, because, in addition to being real, is located at the top of organic searches.

The domain is registered since 2012 with the provider AbeloHost, and the IP is: Although it exists since 2012, the page, as such, it went up to 31 march 2017, three days before the start of the electoral campaigns. John the Baptist Granados is the name of the one who bought this domain.

The candidate of Brown, Delfina Gomez, nor is saved. The page contains messages of the same tone and with the same intention. Unlike that of Josefina Vazquez Mota, the Delfina pays to position yourself within the search engines.

The domain is registered at GoDaddy since 2 August 2016, although the page went up on the 28th of march 2017, five days before the start of the campaigns. Your log is private, but GoDaddy shows that occurred in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Who wins in social networks?

According to the report ‘The electoral process of the State of Mexico in Social Networks’, performed by Jaime Balderas Alarcon, Delfina Gomez was the “big winner” of the contest digital.

Between February 1 and may 15, the candidate of Brown met to 268 thousand new followers (followers and likes). In second place was Alfredo Del Mazo, which brought together more than 155 thousand new followers.

Also, Delfina Gomez won in a matter of visualizations in video: his team created less videos (36), but it got more views (7 million 19 thousand); in contrast with Alfredo Del Mazo, who has published 102 videos and achieved 1 million 940 thousand reproductions.

Not all the networks

These 855 thousand users, who participated in digital campaigns represent only 7.5 % of the 11.3 million mexiquenses recorded in the List of Nominal INE. That is to say, less than 10% of the electoral census of the State of Mexico interacted actively with the digital strategy of the candidates.


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