Friends of engineer missing will be accused of omission of a … – The Trade

The three friends of the young engineer Shirley Villanueva, who 5 months ago disappeared on the beach in Marbella, will be accused of the crime of omission of aid, according to reported Canal N.

“The disappearance of the young would be associated with an accidental occurrence, which would have resulted in his drowning in the beach of Marbella”, he concludes an investigation of human Trafficking bureau of the National Police.

However, the police investigation points out that the three friends that accompanied it “were able to solicit support for the rescue of the young; however, willfully omitted from the order of relief, to then leave the place, without giving account to anyone of what happened.”

According to the document, the Police found liability on Edgar Well Velarde, Bryan Sands Alive and Joseph Velasquez Fernandez as the alleged perpetrators of the crime against the life, body and health, in the modality of omission of assistance or notice to the authority.

“If the researched had requested relief would have been possible to rescue the life of the victim or the victim to recover his body, but instead tried to cover up the case. For that reason they have also been included in the crime of cover-up real,” the report says.