Fun birthday Marbella Romero – The Morning of Valleys

Veronica Ramirez

The estimated Marbella Romero spent an unforgettable afternoon surrounded by the love of her sisters, children and best friends, who organized a beautiful coexistence to celebrate the anniversary and the beautiful friendship they have built over time.

The meeting took place at an exclusive restaurant of the City, where the girl was the most spoiled with exquisite dishes, which accompanied with an entertaining talk in which shared stories, aspirations and the characteristic good humor that distinguishes them.

Suddenly began to ring in the traditional “Mañanitas” and invited sang with joy, while the girl shut down your tea light, but not before asking for a wish for the new year of life who had the joy of celebrating.

Marbella enjoyed in big your day, because in addition to receiving nice gifts, your friends filled with blessings, hugs and other displays of affection.


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