Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada: «In the color there is an escape from the sadness» – LA NACION (Argentina)

When he says that he lives as thou sawest is literal. For your living room never would choose a Chesterfield sofa but one with flower-shaped pink or cloud blue. This fascination with the color, Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada created an empire. It began with the fashion, followed up with the fragrances, the decorations, stamped with hearts medical uniforms, helmets for cyclists, and the sails of a boat, customizó cars, armored doors and even coffins. Born in the cradle of noble, aghatizó with your style all possible areas.

Their chairs for outside Sifas presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan and brooms that are designed in green apple and fuchsia, the trade fair Maison & Objet, in Paris; and to have baptized a pizza with your name on it, of course, has the shape of a heart.

With his imprint that are not saving in harshness, he designed the costumes for the Nutcracker, performed by the Chamber Ballet of Madrid, and received with enthusiasm the request of Julio Bocca, director and choreographer of the National Ballet of Sodre, for the costumes of The Sleeping Beauty. There are No limits and no rest for the designer and entrepreneur who this year was named among the 100 women leaders in Spain; and is an activist for the rights of women. In 10 days the designer will make a parenthesis to their holidays in Mallorca to travel to Buenos Aires and participate in the 10th International Summit of Young Leaders.

Of small I wanted to be a painter. Raised in a family aristocrat, his summers were spent in the palace of Barcelona of their grandparents. And some of that childhood happiness conveyed when, at the age of 20, he designed his first collection. With colors. Many. «In a moment, because I realize that the clothing you could make very happy. Then, as a teenager, I felt that if I was poorly dressed and it was a miserable. Then I thought that design was a way to badass to be happy all the life, and in addition you always have clothes for free,» he says with a laugh by phone from Mallorca. His father was a well-known architect castellano, Juan Manuel Ruiz de la Prada and Sanchiz, and her mother was the aristocrat Catalan María Isabel de Sentmenat and Urruela.

Where is born your fascination for the colour?

I am a person who tries to tend towards the positive, I am very optimistic. And I think that color is that. There are people who always looking for the negative part and sad in life, there are painters with works always macabre and I hate the macabre. Attempt that my environment can be as cheerful as possible, but then of course you can pass things that are not.

Is there sadness behind the search of the color?

There is a flight from sadness. I have known a little depression for my mother, and I said I don’t want to be depressed. Although, of course, that you can have problems, but the way to overcome them is with optimism. There is always a side hugely positive in life, and you can find that or otherwise.

Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada: "In the color there is an escape from the sadness" - LA NACION (Argentina) 1

Photo: Courtesy Of Puig

And the search of shapes, such as hearts and flowers, how it relates with the same message?

I think that yes. When I was born, in the 60s, was the most happy of mankind. Start the hippie movement, the messages of love, peace, flowers, hearts, where we imagined a world without war. When you are small everything influences you a lot.

Your second collection consisted of dresses painted. How much of art in your designs?

Bound my dreams of being a designer and a painter. One of my first shows was with the painter Enrique Vega, and work with the photographer Javier Vallhonrat. Exposed in the art gallery Fernando Vijande, where a month after he exhibited Andy Warhol. The gallery was the pear [maximum].

What artists admirás?

Pablo Picasso, I am completely picasso. The two most influential were Andy Warhol and Picasso. Because Warhol was much more intellectual, conceptual. One that makes a mockery of everything, of modernity, with the photo, with the repetition. And the other is the great artist who created all the while.

How much live art and fashion?

When I started it was something very far away. The designers were designers and painters, painters. But now each day it is more important to the relationship of these two worlds. At the Metropolitan in New York are organized exhibitions of fashion and are generally the most visited. And the same thing happens in the big brands, such as Prada and Louis Vuitton, which have foundations of art.

What is your style involves provocation?

I believe that all creation involves provocation, because when there is creation usually destroys the above. The people are very conservative and do not like to destroy. People in general do not like the changes. To me yes, I like and seem to me to be positive. When I separated, from the first day I realized that that would be good for me. It is like when you operate, at the moment it is painful but then you’re better.

Were months with a lot of emotional charge.

Yes, but in that sense it greatly helps the work, because when I came along the separation, which for me was a surprise, I never stopped my pace of work, but pays only 5 percent. I already had a trip planned and not what I removed. Yes it is true that the first few days were very hard, I preferred to stay in my house, more protected, with friends, my people, my team and my family.

Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada: "In the color there is an escape from the sadness" - LA NACION (Argentina) 2

Photo: Courtesy Of Puig

Why never you cease to work?

I am now on vacation in Mallorca, I am still connected although I need to unwind. It’s one thing not to work, as was the case of my family, but if trabajás, 365 days of the year not you come to have the creativity needed.

His first collection was presented at 20 years of age. And the novelty for her was not only dedicated to the design of fashion, nor their creations are extremely colorful. But to start to work. «I come from a family where my mother never worked, his father also, your grandfather either. A family of aristocrats where not to hit or sheet [do not work at all]. I was bored because the work helps you to be happy too, especially to women. For me, it was like a release to be able to work, be my own boss and all that it has given me a lot of good things,» says Ágatha, marquise of Castelldosrius, with Greatness of Spain and baroness of Santa Pau, titles then to push for a law that will match men and women in succession to titles of nobility. «It was an achievement of women who have fought more than I do, but that have not been worn much. I had the luck of being in the right time. I’ve been a feminist since I was born, how it’s going to be more of a man than I am! That never was conceived.»

Involved in many NGOS that I could not post them. «I think it would be fatal not to participate. The whole issue of the social causes of what I inherited from my grandmother, it was happy and happy. I see it as an obligation.» In 2010 he received the premio Women Together in the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York.

Is it true that you’d quit the fashion for ecology?

Yes. Ecology is what I enjoy doing most, and it is a passion inherited from my grandfather. He had some farms and believed that trees were like human beings, worthy of much respect. I’ve always lived surrounded by that.

Do ecology and fashion are incompatible?

It is a great dream. We are taking the first steps and it would be fabulous to be. For the moment it is a little compatible, but since you are installing the theme, and there are many brands that they are interested in. The true luxury is the ecology. I would love to I became Environment minister, I would very well because I think a lot of that, I know quite a bit. For many years I was a militant of the Green Party.

In 1985 did you organize a parade with the motto Agatha For President. How much appeals to you the policy?

Now with the theme of my separation I am happy because I realized that you can live without political -in November last, he separated from the journalist, Pedro José Ramírez Codina, after 30 years of cohabitation and three months of marriage. In my family spoke very little of politics. I always say that families have conversations, each one has a theme. There are families of handsome, which only speak of handsome men, and can spend the whole life talking about who is the most handsome. There are also the rich, who only speak the other rich. Writers talk in Spain of the Royal Academy. Who entered, who has not entered.

In your family what is spoken?

There was much talk about the family, and also a topic that I was bored, that was sports.

Do with your kids?

Almost every day I have guests in my house, and they have a lot of conversation. In my family it was said that the person had good conversation was polite. And my kids have, and I congratulate you for that.

Their two children, Cosima, 27 years old, and Tristan, 30, joined the company of his mother; she, as Head of international relations, and he, as director general. «There are few designers that can be passed to the next generation and that is also a challenge.»

How llevás that challenge?

For now, much better than I imagined, because it is so much fun and the guys are very passionate. I in the summer only, I will travel to Argentina. My son went to a parade in Marbella and my daughter, to the Dominican Republic. These are things that in another time would have done me, but I now go to them and are happy.

Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada: "In the color there is an escape from the sadness" - LA NACION (Argentina) 3

Photo: Courtesy Of Puig

When you were a kid, what was it like for them to have a mother artist, designer, and noble?

Studied many years outside of Spain, in England and in the united States. Although sometimes I regret that. But I did not want to have the feeling of being more than others.

What changed the fashion since you created your brand?

When I started as a designer of clothes only made clothes. Now you can make rugs, fabrics, a ballet, an opera, a garden. You can do whatever, and it’s a lot more fun. It is also more tiring. Last year in the week of Cybele desfilé a Tuesday in NY; Friday, in Madrid and on Sunday, in Warsaw. It was a crazy job. Before nobody cared that a designer go through world as if it were a puppeteer parading.

How you opened doors for Spanish design?

For me to achieve that was very important. The French have always been the kings of fashion, and with Spain there is an infinite distance. If I had been French would have been a hell of a lot easier. If a frenchman will ask you to name Spanish designers we would be lucky if he says the mine, and two more.

With a style so defined, how do you do to not repeat yourself?

For that reason it is very important to have a team. That’s why I decided to be a designer and not a painter, because the world of the painting is very intimate, of loneliness. In contrast, in the world of fashion you are never alone, you make a parade, and there are 30 models, are makeup artists, hairstylists and guests. it is impossible to be alone, or when you go to the bathroom.

Why the need to be accompanied?

Because that encourages you a lot. Perhaps it is an escape. And that is only, as we say in Spain, you end up eating the coconut. But if you’re with people you’re always entertaining.

Do you dress only with your designs?

Only with my designs. Normally I get my dresses, my shoes, I sleep in my sheets, use my towels, and even my panties are Ágatha Ruiz of the Prada.

How the fashion has to be uncomfortable?

Right now there is a global trend, that I’m happy, to comfort them. For people to be more healthy, walk more and comfortable. You can go to a party with a skirt fantastic, and wearing a t-shirt.

And what about a passenger?

I hope that changes, because it is a little immoral. A t-shirt I have to use it until it breaks so you use it and wash it, then it would be a success. If I have something that I have not used more than once, has been a failure.

What aportás in the creative process of the fragrances?

The fragrances are very important in the life of a designer, because although what we give is the clothing, the thing that ends up reaching the people are the fragrances. The important thing about the fragrances is that they are the result of a team work. And I participate a lot in them. When I took the first perfume in 1992, at that time it was only a perfume for the whole life, and now the situation is different. I love to be involved in the choice of notes. The more you choose, the more happy I am.

Fashion, decoration, perfumes. Do you have any item outstanding?

I have yet many things. I’m at a time in my life very interesting, for reinvention of everything. On one hand it was shock, for a separation, but on the other hand is great.

How do you live all your facets of Ágatha aristocrat, designer and patron of the arts?

I think that we all have contradictions. Now, when I’m on vacation, I try to bring all of these facets coexist peacefully.

Your life revolves around travel, what is your place in the world?

Is my home in Mallorca. I am a very home and a summer resort, where vacationing small. From my current home I see the house where I lived small. I’ve traveled a lot, I have a flat in Paris, in New York, but where I am happy and comfortable is in my house.

In the 80’s you were part of the Movida Madrileña. Do you continue to actively participating in cultural movements?

It is important to live and be able to meet the brightest people of your time. For my family I had a lot of luck meeting people. When my parents separated I lived between Madrid and Barcelona, and in Madrid I started to work. Then I Moved and it was great, a pleasure and a great opportunity for the rest of my life.

Every day he devotes an hour to a cultural activity. Reading a book, visiting an exhibition, strolling through a museum. He says that when you offer to play tennis or doubt: he prefers to stay in his house reading a book. The turn is The queen of fashion, Caroline Weber about Marie Antoinette. Although your writer is preferred Proust: «they Say there that read your work four or five times in life, I’ve read it like three, and I like it a lot».

«To me, when I came along the separation so traumatic, the first thing I thought is I have to paint my house and the second thing I have to go to the Prado Museum. Because I needed to go to a site that was above those situations, and what I needed with all my soul. I am addicted to museums,» he says.

It is not followed by the film, but is discovering the world of the series. «When I left, my friends told me Hey, the most important, you have to see Downton Abbey«. I had never seen a series on the iPad, but I did everything they told me. All were divorced, and knew perfectly what had to be done. I follow all the instructions. And then I followed with Grace and Frankie

Are you interested in social networks?

I am interested in a lot, but I recognize that they are not of my generation. I have three phones, they send me messages and WhatsApp me dizzy.

But had you been a girl it fabulous

I would have enjoyed it so much. In my adolescence, took photos, that was revealed and took both. Now you take a photo and send it to the entire universe, I believe that you don’t realize how lucky they are.

While both are multiplied designs with his label. It is more, say that in all the Spanish homes there is a real Ágatha Ruiz of the Prada. The most discrete of his followers prefer to the glasses or any accessory for your pet, and the more daring, dress up from head to toe in their creations, such as the singer Miley Cyrus. It is known, there is variety for all.


Born on July 22 in Madrid, in the heart of a family aristocrat


He made his first desile, in the Design Center of Madrid, and then on a collective parade, the Museum of Contemporary Art


Opens its first store in Madrid and exhibits their Costumes Painted


Develops and launches its first collection of sheets in the gallery Juana de Aizpuru


Begins to license your brand. A year later, he presented his first fragrance

The future

In 10 days he will travel to Argentina to participate in the 10th International Summit of Young Leaders. In October it will be presented in Montevideo the ballet The Sleeping Beauty, for that was the costume at the request of Julio Bocca


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