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7 elementos para el posicionamiento web en YouTube

Over the past few years, we have learned that content is king of seo and it is not for less.

The trends have given an important place to the audiovisual content, as they have become one of the most sought after in the Internet. In fact, today the growth of the network in its entirety is severely influenced by the video format.

In this sense, we can say that it is a key factor that the companies and the different types of business should take into account to implement it in their strategies of web positioning.

Quality content + creativity = web positioning

While it is true that the consumers of today are much more open and willing to receive the content in video format, this does not mean that it is easy to find what you really are looking for.

In fact, it is extremely common that when you search anything on video platforms such as YouTube, the users do not find precisely what you are looking for, until you perform a thorough search.

It is for this reason that companies should begin to implement strategies to position themselves in this area as well.

estructura posicionamiento web youtube

Like what happens in other types of systems, the positioning web on platforms such as YouTube will respond to a series of elements common to other systems like blogs, but with the rules and special features of the video platform of Google.

It is for this reason that then, we will talk about the 7 key points to achieve a web positioning optimal in YouTube.

The title is really important

Being equivalent to the content that we find on any blog, the title (H1) should be clear and concise. It should contain the keywords that you have chosen to position yourself.

The title, moreover, must be sufficiently clear and attractive as to cause the user decides to enter in that video.

Don’t forget to add a description

While it is true that YouTube allows up to 1000 characters in the description, few are the people who take the time to read it all. For this reason, it is best to be direct and brief, without forget to incorporate the keywords with which it is working.

The description should have almost the same structure as that of the content of a blog, for anything in the world forget the Hn.

Labels beautiful labels

These are very important since depending on them is how we help the user to have more videos on the same topic.

Google or YouTube have taken the determination to reward the use of labels. If the tags are properly used (i.e., that relate exactly to the topic of the video), they will produce, the same, whether it is related to other videos of that nature.

Categories, choose wisely

As with the tags, the category should be selected with great care, as it must have in mind the theme and the parameters of these so that everything makes sense in the eyes of the user and Google.

Choose wisely the thumbnails

In the results list, the videos present themselves with a kind of cover, formed by the thumbnail. As we know, the content enters the eye, so the best idea is to generate thumbnails specific that will attract the attention and relate correctly to the video itself.

To take into account, we can say that 90% of the videos that present better results in the searches of YouTube have input images that were worked out previously to be thumbnails.

Don’t forget the subtitles

As in any content the use of subtitles are key factors for the positioning web.

These not only favour the positioning of our keywords, but, in addition, help to better understand what it is our video.

Screens the end

It is a tool that has been applied much in recent times, due to the excellent results that it brings.

When we talk of screens in the end, we are referring to a video that, at the end, instead of ending with a simple fade to black provides a striking image or other options of videos to continue viewing other content on the page.

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