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Amazon today has a market value of USD$425.000 million and some analysts believe that will be the only company able to reach a market cap of USD1 trillion. Since 2006 it has reduced its shipping costs by 50% and reduced its selling prices by more than 40%. It has 80 million customers-Premium -Amazon – Prime- and aims to finish in 2018 with 100 million, these customers consume 86% more than those who do not belong to this exclusive club whose members are mainly young people of 18-34 years old (39%). Recorded 2.086 patents between 2014 to 2016, of 1.112 recorded in 2014, 39 were of logistics, of the 660, 2015, 52 were related to issues of logistics and 310 of 2016, 78 were logistics. At the logistic centre of Barcelona have a 3,500 robots KIVA for 50,000 shelves and with them, has reduced the delivery time of 60-75 minutes to only 15 minutes (Retailnewstrend)

All of these figures and data to illustrate the speed of change, the demands of the digital consumer and how this company has done a reading highlight of their expectations, to grow and differentiate. On the other hand, this chart from Business Insider, shows the list of the 3,500 stores that will be closed in 2017 in the united States, whose reading allows me to infer that the trends in the current world, must be taken into account and act accordingly.

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6 trends in sales, marketing and service, which we will discuss below, they have a deep relationship with the fact that the customer of today is a digital person, connected, fanatic seekers, dependent on the mobile, related intensely with the social networks through which to express his thought about the relationship with each brand and, therefore, come these six trends, which have a very important meaning for your business.

Customer service is the new marketing. Fast responses, multi-channel contact, ease in the relationship, consideration for the customer’s time as the best expression of the good service, are elements that must be considered, such as the clear expression of his closeness with the expectations of the new customer. A culture of service rooted and evident, it creates differences and unique with the competitors.

What that represents for your business. Is the new opportunity to retool your marketing strategy that no longer depend on the deals and discounts, but of the excellence in the service. Listen to the customer to innovate, to develop products and services that surprise, is the challenge of the new marketing. Staff with skills and competencies to surprise, to serve with passion and take advantage of every experience to increase revenue.

Client in real-time. The customer of today demands recognition, the treatment of staff in line with its trajectory and to make this possible it is necessary the technology. All conversations between your company and the customer -transactions, chats, contacts from the website, telephone, email, demand to be saved in your CRM in order to ensure the traceability of the same and thus be able to build indicators of management and control the activity of each person facing the customer.

What that represents for your business. Control of their agents, to build a “culture of service”, listen to the customer and, in consequence, to know your part, the critical processes that are generating friction in the customer journey, and from this, to build efficient processes, improve the profitability through the generation of memorable experiences that will build loyal customers and faithful to your brand.

Self-service customer. 81% of customers today use the self-service options to the client before you call or contact an agent –Matt Dixon– and it is, therefore, a growing trend in the business world. Facilitate the client’s relationship with your company through the generation of options auto responses to the different requirements of their customers and have customers happy and grateful. Videos tutorials, clear explanations on how to use your products or service, requirements to place a complaint, request a refund, among others, are responses that do not require, but a good self-service channel.

What that represents for your business. Lower costs of care, speed of the solutions, memorable experiences successive and endless for your customers, differences with their competitors, brand image growing. In addition, loyalty and confidence to return to buy. This is a strategy of marketing high-impact and low-cost which needs to be designed to surprise and, therefore, this is not a solution to static, should be updated permanently because of the changes that occur in the relationship of your company with your customers.

  1. Videos and testimonials. Between 64%-85% more likely to buy, are the people who have seen a video of a product or service –Allbusiness-. Web pages with videos increase their search engine positioning with which, your SEO strategies will have a greater possibility of conversion. The client digital trust in the testimonials in the advertising and for that reason, before offers and massive discounts, think about getting testimonials and for that to be possible, you need to prepare to generate memorable experiences in each contact and their agents face to the customer, be ready to record these testimonies.

What that represents for your business. Build a culture of service that allows their agents to get testimonials, it means move from mass marketing to personalised, that each satisfied customer will help to attract more customers, get more sales via the least expensive but most demanding to achieve in every contact with their customers a full satisfaction.

  1. Live Chat. The chat is the channel of contact preferred by 73% of customers –Stephen Wilson– which shows that the phone has been in decline as the preferred medium for customers to interact with companies. The chat allows the client to be recognized, get quick answers and keep the same for the guidance of future actions on your part. In addition, the contact via chat is done through the mobile with which, the client feels that it is a very comfortable, simple and quickly to their needs.

What that represents for your business. This channel of contact will be your most powerful generator of testimony and, therefore, design a strategy for the management of the chat that surprised and to be effective. The contacts via chat, will allow you to trigger marketing actions, very effective at: communicating deals of the day, close contact with an invitation to return with the promise of a discount on the next purchase, to motivate the customer to refer to.

  1. Content. A good strategy of Inbound marketing part of your positioning in the search engines and to achieve this, the best option will be the quality content. In B2B business, the achievement of prospects will be much more effective if your content marketing strategy generates credibility for its quality, consistency, innovation. In addition, it will be of great help for the successful management of your vendors. A very important tip: many of their employees want to tell stories, invite them and encourage them to do so.

What that represents for your company. A challenge that will generate great results in revenue and in addition, differences and unique from its competitors.


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