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Today you can see in the internet as they continue to build businesses and professionals to the online world, in its great majority, with a clear objective: Increase your customers and profits; but as you can see the goals, see the failures and successes.

The online competition for the jobs in the first positions of Google is amazing, the rankings will come and go and the users are left in the middle trying to choose the options most relevant to your needs.

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Without a doubt, the internet has become a kind of jungle, where anything goes and the fight for the leadership it gives in live and direct. If we seek on the web about how to succeed with an internet business, the recurring theme is the positioning web, but as most of us do not understand the background of the topic, we have consulted with Facundo Oreste, expert in SEO of the SEO Agency and Digital Marketing FacuOreste.com and then you’ll be able to see what he has responded on the issue:

Do you think that the seo is important for business?

Of course, I’d say SEO (or seo) is one of the foundations of online business, it becomes a sort of pillar, and without him, the whole structure would break down. The SEO can be your ally or your enemy depends on how you use it; but it is a tool of generation of clients very important that it should not be ignored.

Do you think that people understand the concept of SEO?

In reality, I think that SEO is one of the concepts least understood and misinterpreted in the digital marketing. Even many people believe that it has gone out of fashion, and it is worth to say that this is not a trend, but a tool of the utmost importance to the business. It has even managed to prove that SEO, when done well, it has a better return of investment than other forms of more traditional marketing.

Why do you think that the seo is important for business?

The response is broad, there are many benefits that it brings in a business and the reasons why to use it, I will try to resumírtelo in 5 reasons why your business needs seo SEO:

1. You could start with the base, the SEO allows you to position your website above the competition, getting to the top of page 1 of the results is one of the objectives, and this gives you a lot of visibility for your brand. When the users search for terms related to your product or service, your site will be there and it is very important.

2. Begins the dilemma of the traffic, it is obvious that a business doesn’t want to be in the top results of the searches just on a whim, you want to attract customers and traffic to you is the beginning. With the help of SEO you will be able to convert that position on page 1 in a rain of visits to your web page. And again, doing things as they should be, these visits will become customers.

3. Has one of the best returns of the investment, I want to tell you that SEO is a strategy that is incoming; that is to say, not interrupt people with things that they are not seeking while watching a tv program or read the news of the day; but that your business appears just when the user is looking for. This is not to convince the customer that needs a service or product, but rather show her that you’re the best option service you are looking for. We could say that when you enter in the world of SEO, before you begin you have already won half the battle.

4. Getting to know your users and give them what they need, using tools such as Google Analytics you can view metrics that are very important on the users, what language they use, the regions, how they navigate, what they’re looking for, how they look, etc This is a point in our favor. Because you’re not blindly thinking about what and how you offer it, what you know, what you have in front of your eyes and you just have to take advantage of it.

5. It’s not going to stop working, and by the time a projection of the future, the SEO will increase your numbers. The Internet has become a parallel world that increasingly enter the more real; more users, more clients, more everything, and as time passes more and more people looking for products and services on the internet. Those who know how to take advantage of this tool can generate more sales and customers.

Do you have any other advice on SEO?

The only thing I can tell you is that we will not be scared of SEO because it is viable and is one of the most economical ways to grow a business. But there is always that know of the topic, an expert is the only one that can help you achieve the goal. From our Digital Marketing Agency FacuOreste.com we are providing an analysis and audit free of charge to the business. Where we tell you free of Charge as is your status online today, and which strategies would you implement to improve it.


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