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4 pasos infalibles para un posicionamiento web exitoso

We all want to appear in the first positions of the search engines, and to achieve this seo is essential to know the importance of the same.

Google is a search engine that has as its purpose to resolve the doubts of the user, it is by this that making a strategy in order for Google to see us well is basic.

When you see a company in the first places is because they have developed (in most cases) comprehensive strategies to be able to be placed in that position.

If you want to start with a good SEO work you share 3 items that will benefit the seo of your site and consequently your authority and visibility.

Analyzed, known, measured, and applied strategies of web positioning

This point is basic to success, since to know fully the business, your market, and the key words that you want to position you’ll know how to make the strategy to web positioning.

But not all data, it is essential to know how to interpret each one of them, these data you will be able to get them from a variety of tools that will act as a compass for you to know which path to go.

The analysis also will help to define if you need just one strategy of SEO On site or Off site, if necessary, a content strategy, or if only with a strategy of link building or developing SEO local you will web positioning.

Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

contenido de calidad para el posicionamiento web

One of the tools that can give you a huge traffic and that will definitely help the authority of your web site is a strategy in content marketing.

Google is a fan of the content of value, so developing a calendar of valuable content, enough, useful, and varied you will be able to see some benefits of website positioning.

Create content and direct it to the SEO of your website is a great way to start, in addition, also you can opt for campaigns NewsLetter based on a good database of your customers to communicate with you about new articles, offers or products of your brand.

Design your website in responsive

Even in 2017, there are still web sites that are designed just for the desktop, this will no doubt affect the web positioning.

Every day there are more users who perform searches from different mobile devices and, eventually, is an amount that will increase, so always think mobile.

Optimize your website with regularity

Estructura de posicionamiento web

The Google bots go several times a day to read all that you offer him and his users, that is why they must speak the same language. If you don’t know how to optimize the content of your site in the post 4 SEO tools to do optimization On-Page you will find all the information that can help you optimize your site the correct way.


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