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To achieve this, in general it is necessary to perform marketing campaigns. Of all forms of advertising or promoting that are available on the web, this note is a summary of the four main. So you can have a basic notion of what are and what are they for each of the options.

1. Google Adwords

This is possibly the most common form and is known to perform online marketing activities. It is also called PPC (pay per click) or SEM (search engine marketing or search engine marketing). It is a platform of advertisements managed by Google and is a tool that is based on the use of the most searched key words in this search engine. Through these ‘keywords’ are created ads that appear in the results when someone searches on Google. The cost that is paid is for each click that someone makes on the ad and is defined between what the advertiser is willing to pay and the offer that they made their competitors for the same keyword.

The main advantages are the -relative – simplicity of placing an ad on the air and the immediacy with which results are achieved. And the main disadvantages are that there are areas in which the competition is very high and the price goes up. And, in addition, that if we stop paying, the ads are no longer displayed automatically.

2. Facebook Ads

It is a tool similar to Adwords, but that is used within the social network Facebook to promote a business page (Fan Page), online store or any event or application. In general, the campaigns are designed in what is called ad groups, which are set in individual advertisements of different types: images, videos, text, etc

The advantage of Facebook Ads lies in the precision to choose the type of target audience because, thanks to the social network can be segmented by a multitude of parameters, such as tastes, residence, age, language, interests and many others. It is known that segmentation raises levels of effectiveness in any advertising investment, so that for small companies is usually the best option in cost-effectiveness. But it must take care of choosing the right public!

3. SEO or organic positioning

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is translated as organic positioning in search engines or your ranking in Google. It is a marketing strategy that seeks to improve the positioning of a website in the search engines by optimizing the content of the site itself, among other actions. In a nutshell, is to appear among the first results non-payment of Google when someone searches for the product in question.

There are many factors that influence the positioning and they are changing time to time. It is necessary to understand these processes and be in constant update to adapt your web site and get users to find you quickly. As it is necessary to have a lot of knowledge to apply it and it takes time and effort, it is usually an option with a high level of investment, and without immediate results. However, well-made things give you great results -unlike AdWords – don’t go away when you stop paying. For this, SEO is recommended for businesses of medium or larger size.

4. Write a blog

The fact of having a blog on your website reinforces the positioning and consequently increase the volume of visitors. In addition, the blog as a marketing tool becomes an excellent channel of communication with the users through which they can channel their requests, queries or comments.

The best way to use blog marketing is through the generation of content of value to potential customers. That is to say, provide them with interesting and useful information about the product, strengthen the brand reputation, build trust and increase their value. Write interesting content and disseminate it on all sides is another technique that also results in the attraction of internet users to a particular web site.


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