10 fantastic pages to learn SEO – Group World Executive

For a company that was just born, the practice SEO on the internet is very helpful for the website of the business is positioned among the first places of search users.

Professionally, there are people who dedicate themselves to this, but if by the time you do not have the resources or simply you want to specialize in the field, there are web pages and resources that will help you. These are some of the most important.

1. Search Engine Land: Provides infographics and extensive articles to learn SEO techniques more viable in your web site. It is free, but is available in English.

2. Blogger3cero: Is a reference in Spanish that makes content SEO of high quality each week. In addition, your blog account with the authorship of other people who are experts on the subject.

3. Moz: In this tutorial details how search engines work and lists the needs for your website to be search engine friendly. Here you can discover the words and phrases that generate traffic and ways to get links.

4. Luis M. Villanueva: Also is a benchmark in Spanish about the SEO practices, as it speaks about the change of algorithms, tips, blogging and online marketing.

5. SEO Book: this Is one of the websites most complete on this topic. It also has 7 parts to the initiation and 100 modules to complete.

6. Google: The search engine provides the Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. In addition, on their official blog, you will know the way in which you position your web site.

7. Search Engine Journal: it Is addressed to beginners, but has knowledge of all the levels. The book which is on the page is divided into 17 chapters, easy to read and in the blog you can discover other interesting items.

8. Blog SEO: Antonio López is in charge of this portal in Spanish. Here we talk about trends around the SEO practices; offers ebooks and podcast.

9. Hubspot: Is a platform that helps companies attract visitors through Inbound Marketing. The point of this tool is to create content and optimize it in the search engines, as well as in social networks.

10. NinjaSEO: Javier Marcilla is behind this blog. The simple design and resources are important part of the learning. Account-related trends and lessons, in order to position your web site.