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Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategy focused on creating and distributing quality content to an audience of pre-established, with the aim of attracting new customers and/or retain existing ones, to meet their needs and our goals.

Why is it important to content marketing?

Content marketing or Content Marketing positions your company or brand as a referent in its sector, for example the brand of shaving Gillette offers in your website articles to have a better shave, as you should shave the beard, legs, even the head.

With content of value the brand creates its branding, enhancing the experience of the shave, it gives to know all your products and appreciate the human side of enterprise, which is concerned about the care of your skin, and not only sell razors, but I offer you the best experience of shaving on the market!

The 10 benefits of content marketing are:

1. SEO: the search engines like Google value quality content and give him a good positioning, in addition to generating organic traffic to your website.

2. Builds confidence: when you post relevant content regularly, your audience will grow and you will generate the confidence that will then be converted into sales.

3. More Leads: you give your audience good content, increasing your conversion rate.

4. To improve the image of the brand: and get a better position in front of the competitors.

5. You know your community: connect with your audience and what you know better.

6. Promote: give to meet your brand, product or service.

7. Social networks: generate more trust and relevance in the social networks.

8. Increase in traffic referred: by posting a content or guest post of high value in a website is reputable, you can generate a lot of traffic to your web page to know more about you and your items.

9. Become more: if your content adds value to the user, it creates a closer relationship, know their needs and then offer a product according to their concerns or interests.

10. Low cost and effective: if you analyze, publish relevant content only consumes time and ingenuity, but the future benefits are enormous, just read the 9 previous benefits is enough!!!

The most common formats of content marketing are:

• Blog

• Newsletter

• Webinar

• Courses

• Videos tutorials

• Landing page

• White papers

• Infographics

• Templates

By Ivan Piniella.


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